Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Where to even begin...

After reading the last few posts I wrote before stopping, I realize quite a bit has been left out. So where to begin telling the story of what happened? I want to start at the beginning, having the proclivity for order and organization...but life isn't really like that and for fear of it being merely a report card of what my life has been like, it feels a bit ingenuine.

So I am going to start where I feel the story makes the most sense. Sorry if the chronology of things gets a bit fuzzy in the telling.

To give a run down of what happened though, as I don't think there will be many shocks to you if I've talked to you within the last 6 months:
  • I met my partner, Goose. We've been dating for a bit over a year now. I am moving in with him in two days. I have now met both sides of his family. This is still all very new to me.
  • I traveled to many new and old places like The Netherlands (Amsterdam), Wales (Mumbles), Belgium (Brugge, Brussels), Washington State (Seattle, Redmond), Finland (Helsinki, Oulu), other places in the UK (Dover, London Fashion Weekend, Durham, York, Warwick, Clitheroe), Italy (Venice, Rome), Ireland (Dublin and many others), Portugal (Douro Valley, Porto), and Spain (Gran Canaria).
  • I turned 30 and celebrated it with my parents and friends in a beloved pub in Marylebone.
  • I moved office buildings from Paddington to Oxford Street.
  • I and almost 30,000 others lost their jobs.
  • I lost many friends through the layoffs and life.
  • I spent a very hard summer fighting out negotiations on how I could stay in the country for my partner and to finish the masters degree I was halfway through.
  • I became a full-time masters student on a student visa.
  • I spent more than 8 months dealing with the worst depression of my life thusfar.
  • I am finally ready to talk about all of this.
To say there is a lot to write about is an understatement.

Just as a forewarning: I won't be publishing everyday like the olden days, so posts might be a bit sporadic. I will try to write regularly, but timelines might be a bit scrunched, especially what is going on now (which I hope to eventually tell about). So apologies in advance for the irregularity.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Testing, testing...one, two, three?

After spending 11 days in Gran Canaria with my person, whom I call Goose, it struck me on the plane ride home that I wanted to start writing again. It's been a long time since my last post and a lot has happened. There have been significant changes to my life in the past year and a half and I'm finally ready to share it, really speak about what happened.

I know my readership will have dwindled since the heyday of this blog, but I'm okay with that. It really was just for you, devoted readers and family, that I wrote these in the first place.

So, without much pomp and circumstances, we're live again. And with an updated look. :)