Tuesday, April 14, 2015

An open letter to my future children

I've been coming across slews of articles recently that talk about the changing of our world, society, and culture. How as things become more accessible we are disconnecting from each other. That our relationships are fundamentally changing: sometimes for the better (I can reach whoever I want, whenever I want, in several ways and instantly), sometimes for the worse (public shaming has reached epic proportions as we're able to destroy people's careers over Twitter and Facebook).

And so I want to set out my intentions for my future relationships. Then I want to set out my intentions for my current relationships. I know the world is changing, I study it everyday for a living, about how technology and advancements are changing us. I want to remain human and carry the best parts of humanity with me as we all move forward.

The next few posts will deal with this.

And so this first post is an open letter to my future children, as they will be the most affected by the changes that are already starting and ones I cannot even fathom.


Hello love(s),

I hope I never have to refer back to this because I'll remember these things as I raise you and watch you grow. But I'm noting it somewhere, just in case I need a reminder, gentle or otherwise, of what I wanted to be, for you, before you were born. My intentions.

The most important thing to me with regards to you is that you are happy, healthy, and know you are loved. I want you to be self-sufficient and successful, but I want it to be on your terms, even if it doesn't fit into what I imagine that to look like. I want you to experience the world happy and fulfilled in exactly the way that resonates with you.

I want us to be open and loving towards each other. That you'll feel able to come to me when you have anything you want to discuss or are curious about. I want you to know you can come to me and I'll be open-minded and patient, no matter how bad the situation. That we'll get through it together and I won't immediately react with anger or shut you down, that I'll listen and understand. I want to be the mother that helps her child/children get through any situation to the best of our abilities. I want to be the person you can come to, for anything.

I know that given my tendencies, personality, and lifestyle, it is likely that at some point I will feel there is not enough time, energy, or brain space to deal with everything you bring to me. That I'll be impatient. And I'm sorry for that. But know that I will always have enough love for you. If you know me well enough please calm me down and find the right moment to approach me in a way that will let me know the gravity of your request. I want to listen and help. I don't want to push you away.

I hope I become the mother to you I intend to be, and with this letter, you know this. I want to raise you to be happy and healthy, self-sufficient, enthusiastic and always curious. For you, I want to be the understanding and patient support you need and appreciate.

These are my intentions.

Forever yours,