Friday, July 18, 2014

That's nacho's mine!

In light of what happened yesterday to many of my friends and coworkers, I am going to post about something senseless. My heart goes out to all of them, some of the situations were incredibly abrupt.

There is nothing constant in life but change. Embrace it and adapt, you'll always land on your feet.



After the nacho incident of several weeks ago, I'd been wondering when I would get back on the nacho horse. If I would ever get back on the nacho horse.

In my mind I always knew I would; it being one of my favorite foods it's not like you abandon it simply because you had a bad experience (or few).

Over the weeks I've tried nachos a few more times: while watching Brazil win over the Netherlands (big yay), then again at the girly Benefit pop-up bar that appeared for the World Cup and Two and I found out about a week before its unfortunate closing.

There were good nachos and bad. Nothing amazing, but luckily nothing that made me sick again.

In a way to face the experiences of bad nachos (whether via food poisoning or just by taste...everything here has been disappointing instead of delicious), I've decided the only way around this is to make my own goddamn nachos. That way I can ensure:

  1. I will not get food poisoning (unless I handle stuff badly, in which case it is literally my fault).
  2. All appropriate toppings will be made fresh (this especially goes towards salsa and guacamole, pinnacles of proper nachoing).
  3. I will get all desired toppings (real nachos should have melted cheese, onions, meat, pico de gallo, guacamole, sour cream, and maybe some spicy sauce).
  4. It will be delicious. 
It just seemed like destiny when this article came out on cheese dips you can make at home.

My god the nachos that will ensue. It's time to throw another party at mine. Gotta make proper nachos, once and for all.

There is an art to this, and I intend to master it.

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