Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A post of grad-itude

As I mentioned earlier to you, dear readers, I applied to start part-time at UCL in the fall to get my masters of science in Cognitive and Decision Sciences.

It's been a long road, but it's finally official: I'm in.

The short version of this life event goes like this:

I turn in the application. And wait for several weeks.
I receive online notification that a decision has been made - I log in, it says I got in...full-time.
Oh shit.
After a few days of being sad and wondering what my future will look like if I quit my job and do full-time school or give up on my dream of a masters, I decided to just contact them and ask if I could get it changed. (No harm in asking, right?).
They say sure, that's fine. As said by one of them: "I may have even pushed the wrong button when I accepted your application."
My thoughts on British bureaucracy and general laziness/uselessness in their jobs: High with a very large chance of grumbles. :/
Acceptance of my requested change goes up the chain and I wait weeks.
Lots of back and forth emails about...wait, if you're doing part-time, you need a visa to stay in the country because you wouldn't qualify for a student one.
Yes I know, as indicated clearly on my application, my company sponsors my being here. Like in real life.
Oh, could you send us a copy of this visa?
Yes, here it is. (Why didn't you ask for this on my application when I declared part-time if you needed this information?).
Oh okay, you're for realz. Here is your part-time acceptance letter.
Umm, this still says full-time. I thought our entire discussion was about how I need part-time.
Oh right, you're right. (Waits for another week or two).
Here is your part-time acceptance letter.
Thank you for making it what it should have been.

(Days Later).
Hello, I'm another administrator who has been involved in this situation: can you send us a copy of your visa?
I already sent it to another one of your admins and you already changed my letter to what I want. I think we're done here.

Anyway, that long story short and I am now in the negotiations about how I will be dividing my time, since it is likely and expected that I will not be able to handle as much work while also doing school part-time. Then comes the discussion about tuition moneys. Omg please give me financial aid, that would be amazing and I wouldn't need to live off ramen and frozen vegetables for the next two years of my life.

But I'd do it, to make my grad school dreams come true. I would do starvation abroad again to pursue this part of my life.

And so I stand, humbly content (now that the grumbles have long-since disappeared) and look forward to my future.

Starting another chapter: UCL, here I come.

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