Monday, March 17, 2014

Wandering the literal road not taken

After our hearty breakfast at the haunted hostel we packed the car and set off for our sights of the day - wandering around the windy one-lane roads of Iceland's vast western wilderness.

Apparently you can drive across the entire island in a day if you really dedicated yourself to it. We did not. We kept the driving pretty minimal because Olive was still the singular driver. I know how that feels so we stopped frequently to take pictures (this happened so often I didn't bother mentioning it until now...I guess this is the benefit and detriment to having photography-loving friends). Each drive was maybe half an hour away from the previous one.

These are the places we stopped (names I may not know...and yes ,these are all pictures that I actually took with my crappy smartphone camera):

Little church that was supposed to have a gorgeous interior. That guidance was not incorrect.

Moss house that is apparently known...for something. Never quite understood why this place was famous but I guess it is. And it's located literally next door to the church. All the doors were locked...I checked.

Another tiny chapel where we decided to take pics and Two suffered the first and only slip our trip saw. Nothing was injured though (perhaps just pride) so we were all good.

And then, as we were taking pics and being a bunch of tourists...who came around the corner to investigate us?

Icelandic ponies! :D Actually they're really horses, but they're hilariously cute and curious. So furry, such beautiful manes...we kept pointing out the "ridiculously photogenic" ones...but they all were.

You know in some ways I've started to wonder if I don't have emotions. I enjoyed these ponies immensely, but at no time did I feel the guilt of thinking they were also delicious.

No point at all.

Two and I later saw a tshirt in one of the tourist shops that she and I both wished we had had the foresight to buy: it said "The Icelandic Horse...simply the best."

Yes they are best, best indeed. Best at being delicious.

It was through these quiet picturesque landscapes that we found our next hotel, located in Lambastir. Another one of American J's research results.

Such fabulousness ensued.

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