Monday, March 24, 2014

The last supper

And we're back! Was an amazing wedding experience - I see what my sister means now by saying weddings are the best parties! I will document my adventures from it and post. Until then, enjoy the rest of the Iceland trip!



I did some research on TripAdvisor and found the most recommended not-as-pricey restaurant in Keflavik. It was awkwardly Kaffi Duus - the self same restaurant we'd stopped in on our unsuccessful aurora watching trip the first full day we were in Iceland. We hadn't remembered its name the first time though so it was like very strange deja vu walking in this time and realizing we'd already been here.

Also it seemed a good way to end the trip - as we'd started it, but changed somehow.

Looking over the menu it seemed like a good time to get some good eats and fill up on the last of the rare meats (I don't think London purposefully stocks horsemeat in their restaurants and supermarkets):

Clearly whale was just begging to be eaten again. And the remaining three of us were all adventurous eaters with no guilt. Minke whale it is!

After being denied the best lobster restaurant in the country when we stayed at Lambastadir (American J was not a huge fan of seafood, it seems), Two felt it necessary to get the lobster bisque that was available here instead. It did little to make up for the taste of disappointment at not trying the best lobster in the country, but it was something. And the soup was hot, salty, and pretty good.

We all ordered mains as well. Two went for lamb, Olive for the whale, and me with monkfish. Monkfish is always delicious no matter what it looks like. This I learned from TV and it's not let me down so far.

This, also, it being our group of three and quite hilarious, was where we decided to have our blind taste test. Whale or lamb, can you tell the difference with your eyes closed?

We started with Two - she guessed correctly but said they were surprisingly similar. If no one had told her it was whale she would think it was beef and lamb mixed together.

I went next and had the same experience, except that someone put potato in my mouth as a "palate cleanser." Lol, thanks guys.

I too second her notion that whale is surprisingly normal-meat like, despite what people want to say. This also makes me really believe that the first restaurant must have had a funky whale, because all the whale we had after that was tasty and like a good beef steak.

After several days of being in Iceland, we were exhausted by all that we'd done, seen, and eaten. We stayed up as late as we could talking and finishing off the rest of the whiskey, but sleep overcame me shortly after midnight and we tucked in for the night.

The next morning, much too early for what anything should be on your last holiday day, we all woke up, had the complimentary breakfast at our bed and breakfast hotel, and I was dropped off at the airport to fly back to dirty unfascinating (in comparison to Iceland) London. Two and Olive stayed for a few more hours before coming back on their evening flight.

And so that was our adventure to Iceland. Incredible is the best word I have to describe it. I would highly recommend this country, any time of year. It's beautiful, the people are hilarious and nice, and you can do and see things that the majority of people except the very adventurous ever see.

Though I caught a lot of flak for eating the unusual meats when I returned...I wouldn't take away the experience for the world. Controversial as it may be, if you don't like it that's totally fine. But I'm fine with my choices.

Iceland, you are definitely in my top two places I've ever traveled, tied with New Zealand (which is surprisingly similar in a lot of ways). Thailand and Japan you still reign supreme, but it's not everyday I go to a new country and am so blown away.

It was that special.

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