Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Blue Lagoon

Naturally we couldn't let Iceland's major geothermal attraction pass us by. We were even so prepared for it that we'd stolen extra conditioner from our apartment hotel in order to get the best of experiences at the cheapest of prices (admission without any frills, not even including towel rental, was £30).

It was just as you imagine it being...but better.

We arrived when it was still light outside, early in the afternoon (the sun was only up from about 11am-4pm everyday). It was just about freezing outside, but in the water it was almost jacuzzi/spa warm. There were places where it was even too hot to stay for a long time. That kind of awesome.

The water itself was an opaque baby blue from the mud and natural chemicals (including, once again, the fart-smelling sulfur). You literally could not see your hand below the surface once it had gone into the water about three inches. That opaque.

Provided with the admission was also access to all the facial beauty mud (which is natural) you could put on your face. The instructions were to put it on and leave it for 10 minutes, washing off afterwards. Two and I slathered it on and joked about how we would be transformed into youthful beauties after an extended sitting time. We washed ours off only when it started to cake and dry, about 20 minutes. My skin was noticeably smoother, though it also started to itch a little from the salt in the water later. And my brows collected little crystals of salt once we were in for several hours.

All in all a really relaxing place. We watched the sunset and thought how amazing our lives were, being in this geothermal pool in a magical country.

All too soon it was time to get out because we were hungry and were thinking of catching dinner with Actor and NonSequitor before we headed off to our next destination and they stayed to watch for hopeful auroras.

Some small facts about the Blue Lagoon:
1. You can pay to have more luxury services done to you while you relax in the hot geothermal water - things like massages, facials, etc can be done for a price.
2. There is a not-so-secret-but-still-difficult-to-find entrance inside that has a pool that leads out to the real pools. So you don't even have to be exposed to the cold outdoors.
3. There is a bar that serves alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks to you when you're in the water. They just scan your ID bracelet and it gets added to your bill for you to pay at the end.
4. Their locker system works off of RFID/NFC bracelets that you can use to assign yourself a locker and open it later. We girls didn't see the instructions at first so we had to learn first hand how to use them, but otherwise it's a pretty ingenious system.
5. They totally provide conditioner for you in the showers. Along with body wash. No need to bring your own, though you should still bring your own towel unless you want to pay for one. You can also rent bathrobes and sandals.
6. Yes, it is that cool in real life.

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