Monday, March 31, 2014

Let it Glo, let it Glo, let it Glo...

And within a day or two of my makeup class I was being whisked off to Finn again for business.

I'll fully admit that this time around I wasn't so nostalgic in a lot of ways. At least not initially. I was going there for business and I had even contemplated flying back before the weekend, my work technically ending early Friday morning. But I decided it was a good chance to catch up face to face with German K and Hong Kong P, so I asked and German K had space and time for me to crash for the weekend. The plan was set.

First though, was the business aspect of the trip. And this time, instead of defaulting with the Radisson Blu Seaside, which was my chosen hotel since the first time I stepped foot in Finland, I decided to go with the place that American J had recommended last time she was in town with us: The Hotel Glo Art.

Seated in the center of town, a mere 7 minutes walk from the Kamppi bus station, it was hip and perfect for this trip. A little more expensive than the Radisson, but I decided that having an easy place to commute to was more important this time, especially as I was going to go like a native and use purely public transit.

I got put up in the newly renovated section of the hotel, which was hilariously in another building across the entrance to the parking lot. Whatever, I'll totally check out your new rooms (oddly without having seen your older rooms...).

It was pretty posh, not gonna lie. Adorable place with good mood lighting and slick new surfaces.

TV that looks like it's part of a mirrored wall. It's one of those systems that turns itself on when you put your room key into the slot, turning on all the electricity and the last lighting settings that were on when it was taken out. The maid generally resets your settings when she comes in and cleans.

The dimensions of the room were a bit strange, more like the first apartment I stayed in temporarily when I first moved to Finland. Oddly narrow hallway with some usable space, spacious bathroom (though also narrow), and a beautiful bedroom space.

Made me miss the Finnish toilets. They're just so much quieter and nicer than the British ones. Somehow just more...functionally comfortable. Easy instead of cold. I'm sure a lot of it is in my head but I think about things like material and shape differences. Really does change the experience of the porcelain throne. And every country is just slightly different. I once had Hungarian Z tell me after she'd been to the US that she had to figure out how to sit differently because the US toilets have a tendency for splashback. Hilarious. (Sorry if that's too gross for you).

Oddly there were no real lights in the bathroom, so it was kept very dim. The only light emanated from the bedroom through the shower stall (I'll get to that in a second), and the backlighting on this mirror. Made it difficult to do detailed tasks in there, like flossing. I had to go out to the TV or hallway to get better light.

The shower stall was a glass cube on two sides that was shaded but looked out on the bedroom. Kind of a great concept, actually, knowing when someone was in the bathroom but still not giving up too much privacy (assuming you're comfortable with the person in the room with you).

I also thoroughly enjoyed these cube lights that stood in for nightstands. Brilliant.

And the best part of all for the shower - the rainforest shower head. I miss these. And the cleanliness of Finland's unlimited water supply. Sigh. I knew what I would be missing when I moved but didn't realize all of the consequences of it (needing to use more lotion and moisturizing or cleansing products to deal with the harsh chemical water of the Thames, having to deal with the taste of chemically treated water, etc).

Anyway, this was a nice start to my several day trip with Finn. It felt good to be back in his arms.

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