Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Homecooking instead

And now we're back from London! Apologies that this is posting later in the day than normal...been flying all night and getting things back to normal.

Enjoy again. :) tSH


The next day I was meeting with the Icelandic crew for a much-desired reunion after our trip. We all assembled in Canary Wharf at Actor and NonSequitor's house for a little casual dinner party.

In preparation for it I cooked the night before, making myself some porkchops for lunches (with steamed spring greens...something oddly resembling kale and cabbage mixed together) and a first attempt at sticky toffee pudding, made with dates that I filched from work:

My powers of scavenging and being resourceful have grown ten fold since then, but I'll not get into that here.

Everything made and I set off for Canary Wharf, arriving first from our group (other than Actor, who clearly lives there).

We dined on fajitas and enchiladas a la Actor, and they were tasty and filling. When NonSequitor got home we broke into a vat of pickled chilies he has below the staircase, saying someone's uncle gave it to him (it's a several gallon tub that he's been slowly eating through for the past two or more years). The chilies were the hottest thing I've had in a long time. I teared up and had to have an icecold beer to get it to settle down. Wowsers.

The rest of the night was drinking lots of wine, playing Cards Against Humanity, and general dreaming about our next trip.

It's really nice to go on trips with friends...the reminiscing never stops, even years after the fact (as has been tried and true with all of the group excursions I've been on). This is what making memories is all about.

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