Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Down to three

And one more post before I hop off to catch my plane....enjoy and see you next week. :) tSH


The next morning I felt a bit wrecked from all the whiskey, but I still managed to get up in time to eat a little breakfast and get the farmhouse tour that was guided by the owner.

Again, no sort of guilt whatsoever that I'd eaten all of his farm animals in one form or another in my life. The thought was only that they were delicious. Actually that's not true, most of my thoughts were on how tired I was and how cold it always seemed to be. But I did enjoy the animals and really liked the idea.

Too soon it was time to drive back to Keflavik to drop American J off at the airport.

Our group now down to three we decided to head back to Reykjavik and spend our time doing last-minute things like quick lunch and souvenir shopping. Two and I did this while Olive slept in the car.

For lunch we had mushroom soup and hummus at C is for Cookie, a popular cafe that Actor had wanted to visit but we didn't have time for before:

Very tasty and cute. I was so full from the large bowl of soup that unfortunately I couldn't eat all the hummus.

Souvenir shopping went fairly well and we ended up pretty much buying all the non-duty-free items we were both looking for.

We drove back to Keflavik to check into our last hotel before heading out for the last supper.

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