Monday, February 17, 2014

Submitting my future

It isn't often that you wake up and submit a formal application for the next few years of your life. But that's what I did this last Saturday morning, after finally submitting my graduate school application online.

I was expecting it to feel really relieving, as I'd been spending the few weeks leading up to it writing my personal statement and going over iterations of it every day or other day. It was a lot of work to get all the ducks in a row and yet when it finally came to submitting it, the only thing that happened was I worried whether or not I had turned everything in correctly, despite knowing that I'd checked it at least ten times before hitting "complete."

Well, today is the day that I had that confirmed - after an agonizing wait I received the email that would allow me to follow the progression of my application, now that it's been formally received by the admissions office.

I logged on and checked out the goods...what the deuce!

Dates had been switched around on it. Dates on my passport and dates that I would be unavailable for interviews. What the hell!

I've now sent an email to the admissions office telling them of the mistake (which I can say with full confidence I checked multiple times before submitting). Why are just the dates the things that are wrong? I do agree that the European way of writing dates is not one I was using regularly until I moved to Finland (day, month, year). But still. I couldn't have screwed it up that badly, especially after checking them over and over again.

I'm beginning to seriously think that I am dyslexic. It's possible.

And that I have a slight bit of aspergers - though I have none of the physical symptoms I have started to worry about my ability to hold thoughts in my head and sort things out that are not presented to me in a certain way.

This has made me terrified that I've not submitted my application correctly.

The only thing to do is wait now. They will either allow me to change it or not. They should, according to their text, since it's not gone to the selection committee for my department yet.

Sigh. And here I thought it would be relieving. Instead it's super stressful.

Fingers crossed, future self. I still want this.

[Update from the future: I called the admissions office finally after not receiving a response to my email and lo and behold - they didn't care about any of my dates anyway! Seems that they will check with me before setting up an interview (not just assume that the dates I put down were relevant or correct, I guess) and the passport information is not important unless I'm filing for a student visa, which at the moment I am not.

Booyah future!

Now it's the waiting for my references to send in their letters. Then everything will be really complete.

Fingers still crossed for the future. Still got a couple months to go until I find out.]

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