Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Roadtrip lessons muddled over

The next day I dropped German K and Hong Kong P off at the airport. Luckily the goodbye wasn't difficult as we already had plans to see each other in February for Karneval in German K's hometown, Cologne. I love it when goodbyes aren't difficult because you already have plans to see someone again. This is the only way to say goodbye, I think.

As Churches and I settled into a few relaxing days before going back to London, I muddled over the things I'd learned and enjoyed during the roadtrip. Here are my thoughts:

  1. Never be the full-time driver of a roadtrip, no matter how short the individual drives are. It was overwhelming and exhausting and the way I am now, I can't handle that anymore. It would have been better if there was another driver to give me a break or we weren't moving every day.
  2. Never underestimate being prepared for any situation. Though we were lucky and never ran into any difficult situations, it was definitely on my mind when network coverage was so sketchy that we could be stranded at any point in time but we were organized and well-supplied enough to at least make it through a day without needing to worry about starvation, sanitation, electricity, or money. It's a good place to be in when you're out on your own.
  3. California really is one of the most beautiful places I've been, and I've now been quite a few places. There really is nothing like home, but really, I'm from a beautiful place.
  4. Don't mix friends who don't know each other for extended trips. From this trip alone I will not ever be planning a trip with these three friends concurrently. This was disappointing to find out, especially since we're all old enough and traveled enough to be easy going, but we're not.
  5. Everyone has their habits, it's just about finding a way to fit everyone's habits in so they don't conflict. I'm happy to say that mostly with these there were little problems. Hong Kong P and I liked to shower at night, German K and Churches in the morning. No one fussed about needing the bathroom when someone else was in it, they just patiently waited their turn. It was good.
  6. Nothing makes a trip memorable more than the hilarious anecdotes you get from them. 
I learned a lot about myself and my friends on this trip. More than I could have just hanging out with them.

I guess what they say is true; you really want to know if you get along with someone and what is important to them, travel with them.

Roadtrip, completed.

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