Thursday, February 6, 2014

Roadtrip Day 6: Palm Springs and Santa Clarita

The next day everyone was feeling very grumbly. A lack of sleep and time to rest makes most women grumpy, and this was no exception. Churches was finally starting to get better, but I was beat. I'd not really thought about how much driving day after day for hours would take a toll on me. And unfortunately it was my mistake in combining friends who didn't really know each other and everyone else's incapability to drive. Needless to say I was grumpy and very very tired. I will say I hadn't expected to middle man between women who are all 30 years old or thereabouts. Come on guys, we're old enough to not have to put each other through this.

But I guess not.

Luckily the sun was shining though, which lifted our moods immensely. German K had to work in our hotel lobby for awhile (just shows how much work never really leaves you, when you get to our level of commitment), so the rest of us went out for brunch in the sunshine. We found a fabulous balcony table at a nearby restaurant and got fresh salads to eat. The view of downtown Palm Springs was incredible:

It was so hot I actually worried about getting a sunburn. It was glorious.

We took our time eating and eventually German K joined us, free of work for the rest of the trip. I then introduced them to Cold Stone ice cream and we enjoyed eating rich creamy high quality ice cream while we roamed the streets of Palm Springs. I surprisingly, ate the entire small (it was cheesecake icecream with pieces of graham cracker crust, strawberries, and blueberries crushed into it...heavenly).

Along the way I found a cheap full body table massage place and went in for an hour's rub down. It was so sorely needed from all the stress and exhaustion of driving that I completely zoned out. I tipped heavily for the glorious treatment I just had, but found out that my ladies had paid for the massage. Sweet after all the trials and tribulations we were going through, and so very heavily appreciated.

We then decided to head back to our hotel and get moving to our next location - Santa Clarita. It was a considerably better location than the original Bakersfield, and so we would have a lot more things to do.

One of those things was getting proper sushi. We'd all been craving sushi along the way but couldn't find it (or at least not available, the sushi restaurant in Aria would have been spectacular and expensive, I have no doubts).

Churches decided to stay in as we went for dinner, talking over our normal dorky girl things and relishing our sushi. I had the biggest salad with sashimi I've ever had in my life, plus seaweed salad (wakame, my favorite) and edamame (surprisingly free...I think this shows how long I've been in Europe that I don't expect free edamame anymore...sad face).

Then we tucked in for an early night. It was another hotel room with a fold out bed and two queen beds, but this time they were separated by a room. After being grumbly in Palm Springs, the girls let me have one of the queen beds (awesome) and Churches as well, to recover from her sickness. This ended up being a great thing because not only did I not get sick and Churches got better, but Hong Kong P had a conference call at 6:30am she'd forgotten to tell anyone about. So she locked herself in the bathroom for the call and disturbed as few people as possible. Trooper.

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