Friday, February 14, 2014

First feast back

I finally was able to go to the farmers market and grocery store this last weekend so I didn't need to be surviving on my pantry supplies. Before this happened I literally made spiced couscous and marinara sauce with corn. That's what I ate for the days between returning and the weekend.

So clearly I needed to get me some fresh produce.

I went with usual vigor to the market and picked up - Brussels sprouts, a butternut squash (first of my winter squash purchases!), several beets, free range chicken, tomatoes (I was surprised to still see them this late in the season), and some local pears. Unusual that I've bought fruit but was thinking I should keep up the good habit.

Cooking unfortunately only happened in the middle of the week, since I was too busy that weekend to do anything (I met up with Sweden for a gorgeous walk through Hyde Park and then had to meet up with my group of friends who I am going to Iceland with in a few weeks). Busy weekend.

What did I make?

Gorgeous chicken tikka masala (with added onions) and roasted beets. Simple, nourishing food.

The tikka masala sauce, admittedly, was from a jar and Waitrose, but it did the trick. I didn't even doctor it (though it could have been sweeter). Free range chicken tikka masala. Oh, and over brown rice!

The roasted beets were fabulous and so sweet. I might pick up more of these next time I'm at the market. They were large and loose (meaning they had already had their greens taken off) and stained basically everything they touched as I prepared them. Including my hands.

Luckily the stain didn't last long and I was basically no longer red-handed by the end of the night after washing dishes and showering, etc. Whoo. That would have been weird at work.

Anyway, I just wanted to celebrate my first real cooking session since returning to London. Feels good to be getting back into the swing of things. Healthy homemade food. Week's worth of lunches.

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