Friday, January 10, 2014

Being a hostess again

It's been a long time since I've really hosted anyone at my place. Yes I held the linner party not so long ago but it's been quite a few months since anyone has actually slept over at my place, took it in as a guest on my fold out sofa bed.

So when American J emailed to tell me she was going to be in the area again - first visiting German K and Hong Kong P in Helsinki then me on the way back to the States, I was quite flattered. A homeland guest! How exciting. I do love being a hostess, especially for those I know and love. There's just something so satisfying about sharing your space with someone you trust and can provide for (versus strangers, which apparently for me is just nerve wracking and slightly scary).

Friday night, American J arrived. We had possible plans to go check out a banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich) place I had been interested in, but traveling is tiring so I decided to introduce her to the pub around the corner. To Drayton Court we went!

It was a bustling Friday night, as I imagine all Friday nights (and even Thursday nights, with the pub quiz) there are, but we found a seat near the radiator and made ourselves at home looking at the menu. There were so many good items to choose from, it took us awhile to decide, but finally we decided to share two dishes (to increase the variety of things being tasted!):

Pumpkin ravioli with rocket salad and a roasted red pepper sauce. Fabulously smooth and a taste of autumn in your mouth. This was my pick for sure and I was delighted by it. So tasty in my mouf.

And a pan roasted chicken after their chicken Kiev was sold out. Candied beats and bubble and squeak were also served with it (bubble and squeak, I had to reaffirm via google, is a pan fried cake made from bits of vegetable mashed's fabulous and I love it..I imagine it gets its name from the noise it makes frying on the pan).

Very tasty, both of these dishes, American J was right impressed with my neighborhood pub. We chatted happily and caught up on the news of the time.

And then it was time to go back and head in early for the night; American J was tired from her travels and we had a long day ahead of us the next day, having booked a great weekend of fun for ourselves.

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