Monday, December 2, 2013

Until you return...

Until you return and instead of being able to sleep the seven hours on your plane like you normally do, you're stuck in a plane with several screaming, crying babies and so you watch two movies in a row then listen to music because you cannot seem to block out the sound of screaming babies.

Then your plane lands at 6am and you go home to unpack and begin your full day of work (luckily at home).

However that day is interrupted because you decided before you left that it was an excellent idea to schedule a doctor's appointment for a potentially painful procedure at lunch time the day you came back from a weeklong bachelorette party in the States. So you drag your exhausted ass to that appointment and...

OMG it is worse than any pain you've felt in your life. Luckily it only lasts about 20 minutes or so but it makes you seriously reconsider how painful childbirth can be. Really? Was not expecting that business.

Luckily your team knows about the doctor's appointment and doesn't really seem to care that you need the rest of the afternoon off for recovery. You instead spend it completely passed out and sleeping because your body just can't handle it anymore. You should have known this when you almost fell asleep (literally and several times) in the waiting room on the way to your painful procedure.

Four hours later you wake up and make yourself an odd and scrounged dinner (think peanut butter and mayo sandwich and a bowl of microwaved frozen corn with a dressing of sesame soy and sriracha...the corn was actually pretty good but agreed that the sandwich was probably not one of my better concoctions). You watch two episodes of tv and get to about 8pm before your eyes just can't stay open.

You brush up, go to sleep and sleep until 7am the next morning. Despite having slept 4 hours in the afternoon and pretty much a straight 10 hour night, you're still exhausted.

More work, luckily still from home. The days get confusing and start to run together. What day is it anyway? No idea. Luckily most of your team isn't working, and no one seems to be doing much work. This is a great thing.

Life is still good, but confusing. This is what getting back into real life after a weeklong vacation of awesome is like.

Just felt like sharing, because I think it's hilarious. :)

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