Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Things I've learned while in a rush

They aren't very important but I thought I would impart the wisdom so others would not make these same mistakes.

Right before I was leaving for Boston I was desperately trying to eat through what was in my fridge so I wouldn't have to throw any food away. This is what I always do before I leave on long trips so there are no nasty surprises upon my return. I freeze any remaining food that can be frozen and do away with anything else that would otherwise spoil. I usually time it perfectly though so nothing is thrown away and everything that can be frozen, is.

Unfortunately I didn't plan it perfectly this time, one of the few times. I had most of a cucumber and a small amount of a head of lettuce left. Blast it all.

So this time I decided to take a chance and freeze the two pieces of produce...see what would happen. Maybe these were veggies that would actually freeze well. I kind of doubted it, since I'd had a weird run in with a half-frozen cucumber before in my Finnish fridge...but you never know.

So I delicately wrapped both of them in plastic wrap and double sealed them in freezer bags and threw them in, taking off for Boston.

A week or so later I returned and defrosted them...


It was kind of gross.

The lettuce was definitely a slightly browned pulpy mess. It hadn't even properly defrosted before I could tell that cellular degeneration had happened and there was no way I was eating that.

The cucumber looked a little more promising though, so I cut it into slices and gave it a try - I ate it on toast with peanut butter, chopped into a salad with honey mustard dressing, even tried eating it on toast with mayo...

It tasted strangely though; like it was more concentrated and watery.

I would have to say this was a resounding failure. I would not do this again.

Next time I'll just plan it better and not have any leftover produce. Or just try to take the damned thing with me on the plane as a packable salad. I need to start keeping throw away containers again though, if this is the case. At the moment I only have real tupperware, which prevents me from taking anything and then leaving the packaging.

Anyway, my lessons learned, figured I would spread this (however valuable) knowledge.

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