Thursday, December 5, 2013

My first Byron burger

The next day Churches and I got up slowly and took Sunday at a leisurely pace. We had no real plans for the day so it was easy to get up, take showers, and head out for brunch.

Unfortunately the brunch place of choice, by the time we got there, had a line out the door. So we started walking away when I spotted a Byron Burger. I've always been curious and I'd still never eaten there. Lettuce and meat sounded amazing after our night the decision was made.

It was a gloriously sunny day but unfortunately a bit windy, so we sat inside right in the sun.

I decided to go for the classic cheese burger and start with something standard. Churches recommended we get fries and courgette fries as well to share because apparently they were out of this world. I happily agreed.

This burger is definitely one of the best I've had since moving to London. Hands down extremely juicy meat (which I had cooked medium...a rarity for me but I wasn't sure how it was supposed to be cooked...e.g. what the quality of meat at this establishment was, but the waitress seemed to assume that medium was what I would have wanted), very good mayo, and fantastic chunk of bleu cheese (which is the cheese I chose...could have been mature cheddar, Emmentaler, or American).

You could order other varieties of burger, such as smokey bbq, etc (I believe this is the one Churches got), but I wanted to try something traditional first to really taste its quality. I was not unhappy.

One of the burgers I was interested in trying from the menu was the skinny burger. No, not because I think I'm getting fat (please, people), but because I don't usually eat the buns off of burgers anyway. Bread is still uninteresting to me and it just seems like a waste. The only reasons I ended up ordering the burger with the bread anyway?
  1. Churches insisted that I try it with the bread the first time. I could do whatever I wanted when I came again on my own time, but the first time should be tried the original way. I think that's a fair argument and so I agreed.
  2. Where would I get the mayo otherwise if there is no bread? As I've explained before - bread is merely the vehicle for the things I really want in life (in this case, mayo). No bread equals no mayo. That would be unacceptable in a burger situation. What I really wanted in or around my mouf was juicy meat, lettuce, and mayo. I couldn't do without the bread, apparently.
So I ordered the normal cheeseburger with bread.

A discussion with the waitress after we finished told me that I could have still ordered the skinny burger (any burger without the bun) and gotten mayo on the side. Next time for sure. I definitely left 3/4 of that bun at least. I scraped off most of the mayo and ate it on the meat. Incredible. Definitely enjoyed all of that burger (minus the bun).

Courgette fries. Surprisingly nice batter, almost like what you can get on KFC but lighter and not as tasty with spices. Very nice, though could have been crispier. We also ordered garlic aioli as a side sauce but I had it with ketchup. Too much mayo perhaps. It had a strange aftertaste as well, like plastic slightly. It should have been better.

And the fries. The fries were wonderful. Shoestring, thin, very crispy. I ate all of these after finishing my burger. Fabulous. Who doesn't love a good fry, and they love the large cut fries here so much (or chips, as they call them, I suppose). Love me a skinny fry. So tasty. Lots of ketchup for these.

I would definitely eat here again; fabulous burger and quality ingredients. According to Churches there is a rivalry between Byron and Gourmet Burgers. They're always located near each other (like across the street). I've only recently started to notice the Gourmet Burger restaurants because they're not as iconic (their font is also smaller and less easy to read with black letter against relatively dark wood exteriors). But now my curiosity is peaked. Churches said she's never gone to a Gourmet Burger because she loves Byron's so much already. That kind of says a lot. And most of the British people I've talked to about it have said nothing when I tell them about the rivalry. Perhaps it's not a thing.

In any case I'm happy to have found a real burger place here. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Could just be the really good beef too.

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