Friday, December 6, 2013

Just getting older, not wiser

I've started to notice a disturbing trend with my nights out. No matter how much I drink or don't drink, and regardless of my hangover status the next morning, there will inevitably be holes in my nights. Entire conversations have vanished from my memory as well as things that are fairly important, like the memory of whether or not I showered when I came home. This is kind of important and should be fairly easy to remember. But for me entire segments are seemingly...disappearing.

I recently heard a rumor that one of the medications I am on for my migraines causes memory loss. I've now looked it up on the internet (clearly the best resource for trusty information, but I tried to use a bevy of trustworthy sites for this kind of information) and it's true: it can cause memory problems and confusion and even be the cause of my decrease in eye sight (rather than my reasoning that it was clearly Finland's climate and low light conditions).

But why now? It's started to make me wonder. I just assumed I was getting old and time was taking its toll. Now I'm not sure. What I do know is that I want to get off my meds, and hopefully soon. With the incidence of my painful procedure I can now hopefully move onto other more healthy things, like hopefully getting off of my meds and hopefully being completely headache-free. I guess we'll see when I talk to my doctor next, which is in a few weeks to check on how things are going.

The purpose of this entry was actually to talk about how getting older doesn't necessary mean getting wiser. I had a great conversation with my boss this morning about how we fared after the big corporate event last night which involved completely open bar and very minimal food. I couldn't remember getting home at all and apparently showered then forgot (like I said, had to piece the clues together), and she fell asleep on the tube and had to be woken up by a stranger to make it home.

Clearly getting older does not mean getting wiser. At least no one can blame me when I'm older and still making mistakes.

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