Monday, November 4, 2013

Staying in on Friday

I guess one of the problems with going out on a Thursday is that it sort of kills your Friday. At least at my age it does (or maybe just at my current exercise and drinking levels - a bit too little exercise and admittedly too much drinking...such is the British lifestyle way). Anyway, I had no interest in going out on Friday after the night I'd had Thursday (was even slightly hungover at work on Friday but I pulled it together enough to stamp out a smashing report deadline and even went home early, as per my boss' gratitude and permission).

So what did I do? Chatted with some of the people I'd met the night before (we do actually talk to these people again sometimes, and they were inviting me to go salsa dancing...which I was sadly too old and tired to do that night, much to their dismay), watched American TV (great guilty pleasure), and...

cooked my midweek makings. Not really midweek either, but certainly not the weekend. Plus I had weekend plans, so I knew I wouldn't really have time. And I was still really awkwardly conscious about smelling up my apartment with cooking smells. It's getting to that paranoid point still. Really. I need to do something about that. Luckily it's still been warm outside (though it looks like that will drop off sharply towards the end of this week), so I've been able to consistently air out my apartment every day or two.

Anyway, what did I make?

Moar skillet potatoes with cilantro!

Yes, I made more of these. I had a little bit of potatoes left and still a bunch of cilantro. Plus I loved these so much the first time that I couldn't imagine doing anything differently with these potatoes. They're amazing. I didn't pick up any more of these potatoes at the farmers market this time, but I sure I will at some later time. Perhaps for the dinner party that I'm hosting in another month. Maybe.

Wonderful and salty, once again, a resounding success. Nothing special but also so good.

Lentil salad with tomatoes, cilantro, onion

This was my own recipe. I probably should have found a recipe somewhere to get the seasonings a little more balanced but I wasn't in the mood for looking things up. I was blase and that probably costed me some serious onion breath. I did consider cooking the onions first (which would have tamed them a bit), but I was still oddly conscious about making my house smell. Which is stupid, because clearly I'd just made skillet potatoes (amazing smelling but smelly nonetheless).

Gorgeous result, but rather strong. I put in raw onions, garlic, tomatoes, cilantro, plus the seasonings: lemon juice, salt, freshly ground black pepper, cumin, and Chinese five spice, all tossed in olive oil (just regular, decided the late harvest basil oil would have been overkill). It smells great, but the mixture of flavors is a bit strange because the tomatoes are so sweet and the onion is so strong. It ends up tasting like a pico de gallo with lentils thrown in for good measure. And there are a lot of lentils. Maybe I should get myself a couple of bags of tortilla chips and make it the best dip ever. Probably would make it more satisfying. Or make a good aioli and just call it what it is - a side dish.

Probably healthy as hell, but not one of my favorite creations. And now I have an abnormally large bowl of it sitting in my fridge. Oh well. Onion breath for the next week unless I cook it...which I might.

So those were my Friday makings as I avoided going out to save energy for the weekend. Probably a great thing, because I was awake and energetic for the next several days.

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