Thursday, November 7, 2013

Shots shots shots shots shots shots!

[Imagine that being played out to that horrible but awesome hip hop song by LMFAO that was popular about two years ago and you'll understand...there is a hilarious graphic that comes with it:]

Well this isn't the one that I was thinking of, but clearly it gets my point across.

So after a discussion with my parents about the thing, turns out that because I no longer have health insurance in the States, the shots you have to pay for in the States are actually MORE expensive than what I could get here in the UK.

Ugh, and here I thought £13 was expensive. Apparently at normal drug stores in the States I could be paying as much as $32. The pound equivalent is about £20. I am so getting a flu jab steal over here. I can't believe this. Paying £20 for a shot.

So now the debate is whether or not I really want this thing enough to pay money for it.

I kind of do. I'll admit that. Especially after reading about all of those silly rich parents insisting they won't get their kids vaccinated because they want to keep things all natural, which really just puts all of the other kids at risk because that means there isn't a nice community of vaccinated kids playing with each other (and we all know that kids are the #1 spreaders of disease and killers of grandparents...I will be sure to keep my kids appropriately disease-exposed so they can get over everything and get all of the antibodies quickly while not exposing them to my parents and potentially inadvertently killing them later on...I'd like to say this to the heartwarming jingle of the popular PSA jingle, "The More You Knowwwwww!"). Btw I've also learned since talking about this with my science-working friends that in order to keep an effective vaccination barrier, at least 85% of a population needs to be vaccinated in order for it to work. That's a high number.

Also I happened to just start reading Malcolm Gladwell's "The Tipping Point." I can't say that I'm duly impressed, because I'm not so far (the idea is fine enough but the execution is...repetitive and kind of poor), but in any case the whole idea circles around the concept that something can start off so small and very quickly escalate into an epidemic. Things from fashion to crime rates (going up or down). Anything. Especially diseases, which was one of the first examples (as makes sense).

So, I'm going to get vaccinated. Now I just need to figure out where these peripheral Boots locations that have them are and get myself jabbed.

Let's hope these ones hurt less than the ones in the US. Doubtful.

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