Monday, November 11, 2013

I'm on a boat...again!

But this time it wasn't to was to potentially find something to read.

I swear, these boat owners are getting more and more creative. Though I guess in this economy, you'd have to be to keep your business...afloat.


I'd seen this particular boat store a few times before I had the opportunity to actually explore it. Being naturally curious about anything that has to do with books, I was thrilled to see it was an actual used book store, instead of just selling new books or specialty books (like how Helsinki was obsessed with antique books).

Pretty jazzy on the inside, I'd have to say. Basically someone gutted all that was inside minus a small bed and a bathroom and turned everything into bookshelves.

I was both thoroughly impressed and amazed. I would definitely live in this floating palace of books. If only it didn't oddly smell like cat.

There were all sorts of books to choose from; there was no obvious categorization of books. They were the sort you would normally expect though, from this motley collection - best selling paperbacks, historical novels, general biographies.

Even a few hardbacks for coffee tables and the odd collection of weird art books and eccentricities that one might enjoy if one needed an odd gift for a unique friend.

Out on the deck there was a nice lounge space for the owners/book keepers and I suppose for anyone who felt inclined to take advantage of the shop atmosphere. Since it's only been a few weeks since I noticed this particular boat it's not been great weather, so I've not seen anyone here except the shop keepers.

I'm still amazed that a place like this exists. It's like something you'd see covered in a travel magazine that you hope you come across in your travels. I'm so happy I found it.

It's right outside Paddington station on my way to the office. Right along the canal.

Called Word on the Water. Unfortunately I didn't find anything there the one and only time I've been there so far, but there was possibility. I could see myself being lucky another time while browsing.

I intend to stop anytime I do actually have time to look and hopefully give patronage. I love giving as much business to places like this as I can, especially as I've not found a proper substitute for Arkadia since leaving Helsinki. What I've done so far with my read used books: donate them to my local West Ealing train station, as they have a small bookshelf there for commuters/travelers to browse. I figure I'll give back to the world until I find a better trading solution. Seems to work out well.

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