Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Drinking on a Monday at 3pm

It seems work will take any excuse to celebrate these days, and the more I'm chatting with my friends in Espoo/Helsinki, the more I realize the British offices (specifically my office in London), are rather boozy.

I mean this in the nicest way possible, by the way, I'm not trying to say we're raging alcoholics.

But our frequency of office parties and the seeming reasons behind them don't really help support that. Really, from the outside perspective, it looks pretty ridiculous.

Take this data point into consideration: for the past month or so at least, we've had at least one office party a week (this is only in the design department again, I'm not sure how other departments celebrate, since we're in the special high-security section of the building that requires extra badge access and can only be gotten to by the select and few...plus we have that free fruit and breakfast bar and the free all-inclusive Friday breakfast that make people so upset) and all of them include booze that has been paid for by someone's budget.

These "celebrations" include things like birthdays, wedding announcements, birth announcements/upcoming babies (the fathers), and even...women going on maternity leave.

Yes...sometimes we're even celebrating (with booze) women who can't even drink booze. Don't worry, there's usually juice or soda at these things. ...usually.

Usually also there are snacks, like beer nuts, rice crackers, wasabi peas, or sometimes if someone decided to go fancy, some pastries or cupcakes. Depends on the celebration I suppose. I've been continually impressed with the growing variety that's been seen.

But what I really have been noticing (and why I am claiming that perhaps the London office is slipping into seeming alcoholism) is that our celebrations have been going from the end of the week (Friday, Thursday), towards the beginning of the week.

Two weeks ago we finally hit rock bottom: Monday at 3pm. We finally had a celebration, with booze, on a Monday at 3pm.

I'd have to say that's pretty bad. In the best possible way of course, since that's awesome and in America we would never even be able to have an office party with booze unless it was a company-wide and company-organized event that included everyone and likely families/outsiders for a legit reason (like the holidays), but jeebus. This is getting kind of ridiculous. Wowie.

It was someone's birthday, so granted we haven't hit the lowest of the low by celebrating a pregnancy on a Monday afternoon so there's still room for lower. But this is pretty difficult. I stopped several parties ago from drinking booze at work. Just gets you into trouble and I'm still too American to drink booze and then go back to my computer, pretending like I'm doing something productive. The words "workplace violation" still ring too loudly in my ears.

Just thought I'd record it here because it's hilarious. What's next? I guess we'll just have to see. :) I guess anything to keep the morale going. ;)

I'm guessing this is just yet another reason that other departments hate us...

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