Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The cooking slowdown...

So I have still been cooking, but since most of my weekends have been preventing me from going to the farmers market with the same ferocity, my cooking has likewise slowed down. I have, however, become a lot more creative with my veggies as far as not wasting anything (not like there was much waste before but sometimes things went bad before I could get to them), so I suppose this can still be classified as a net good thing, despite the smaller variety of dishes and overall cooking.

Last week was another midweek cooking experience, meaning things were made quickly and there wasn't any meat involved since defrosting would have been necessary and I was unmotivated. Much of this was due to working from home two days in a row and I just couldn't be bothered. And I have gotten very awkwardly aware of smelling up my house. I air out everything every other day but somehow I am getting paranoid that the smells of my cooking are lingering in places I don't want them to - like the blankets on my sofa or potentially my clothes or bedsheets. I don't think anyone else thinks of these things, but they've made me rather conscious of cooking super smelly savory dishes. I hope these thoughts stop sometime soon as they're kind of ridiculous. I've taken to cooking with my kitchen door closed...which is less of a cooking experience as it cuts off my glorious view to the living room.

Anyway, enough about my fears and onto what was actually cooked. Just some simple things this time:

Cilantro skillet potatoes

This is a variation on a recipe my mom taught me. I added the cilantro because I had a bunch left still from my last fantastic farmers market stash and I'd flash frozen it because I knew I wouldn't have enough time to cook it before it went bad. The result? Not too shabby, actually...the cilantro froze decently well. There was some weirdness going on with it but overall it did pretty well. I did take it almost straight from freezer to frying pan though, so that likely helped. No time to let it weep and defrost.

For this I basically microwaved the potatoes after cutting them into bite-sized wedges, then pan fried them with butter (or my equivalent of butter), cooking them with chopped up onions. Then I sprinkled creole seasoning generously over the entire thing, waiting until everything was nice and browned. Then I added the entire batch of frozen cilantro and cooked until all was warmed through and browning again.

Quite a success. I'd bought cleaned baby potatoes and they are great. Definitely going to check out the entire line of potatoes coming in this fall and winter in the farmers market. I bet, like Finland, they're going to have some great varieties.

Honey dill carrots

This is also a variation on another recipe I already had, though this one is from allrecipes.com. Instead of maple (derived from brown sugar), I used honey because that's all I had. Really good substitute.

You'd be surprised how well dill goes with butter and honey. Strangely good.

You can find the original recipe here.

And that's all I made last week. I did go to the farmers market this weekend, since I knew I would basically be out of groceries, but again plans came together and I only had a limited time to cook. Because of this I chose to relax and watch American tv instead and whoop...no cooking. I imagine it'll be another midweek cook and then I'll be once again paranoid about the smells my kitchen is keeping.

There must be a way around all of this paranoia. I've yet to find a solution though. Until then I'll just keep airing everything out for hours at a time and lighting scented oil around my apartment.


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