Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hotel Nestor

When we first arrived at Hotel Nestor, we were instantly seduced by its country charm. We'd checked out the website before giving it a call and asking about room rates and availability, and I'd have to say its website is pretty complete:

You can find it here.

From there we could tell that though it didn't have a restaurant, it did provide free breakfast, towels, and bedding, which is more than Faffas could offer, so we were kind of sold (we had a debate just earlier that morning about whether or not we should bring towels with us and all of us except German K had voted against it, despite having plenty of room in the car).

Coming to the place in person, we knew we had made the right choice. Pardon the pictures, which were taken the next morning after we'd eaten this lovely breakfast that was mentioned on the website, but I just need to gush about this place a little bit:

View from the drive in, approaching Hotel Nestor. We were immediately taken by the stone base and wooden upper of this building. There's just something so rural and charming about it. Converted barn gorgeous. The sunlight just made it that much better, I'm afraid.

Just covering more of the same...I could not stop taking pictures of this place.

Plow that was artfully set out on the rocks where we parked the car. There's just something so tasteful about leaving farm equipment out to rust. You can't do this all the time without it seeming trashy, but out in the county it just seems...right.

The front door. Gorgeous. The side door on the right leads to the kitchen.

Little statues around the property are done by the female owner (they're a husband and wife couple). Gorgeous and so quaint. I miss this sort of "country clutter" aesthetic. It's so different than most of Finland as well, which is usually so minimalistic rather than clusters of objects.

German K was in love with this little orange teapot. It was just sitting on one of the fences, all by its lonesome. Adorable.

They also had bicycles to rent should you stay there long enough (sadly we did not have enough time for that, I would have actually been alright with biking this time around). The rates were very reasonable as well - 15euros a day or something like that. It would have been a gorgeous country ride.

The road looking back towards their property, though this isn't Hotel Nestor anymore, but a bit further down the road. Everything about this part of Finland just enchants me, I cannot go into enough detail.

This is actually Faffas, the other hotel that we checked out. We couldn't tell where we would be staying, but this was the reception area at the very least. We assumed we would be getting our own cottage of some kind. Too much work and potentially no towels.

The entrance hallway to Hotel Nestor. Charming and gracefully decorated. An Apartment Therapy dream, and to the left is where breakfast was served (though we ate outside in the warm sunshine).

And now to our glorious room, where we spent time getting ready before dinner and then again after for dancing and playing around (we are dorks trapped in professional women's bodies...sometimes the inner dork just must come out).

The bed that German K and I shared. Extremely comfortable with gorgeous linens. I have the exact bedside lamps back at home; they used to adorn my master bedroom back in San Diego. Made me strangely nostalgic for what used to be.

Notice the fabulous distressed white walls and sanded wooden floors.

They even had the modern conveniences of outlets on both sides of the bed (you'd be surprised how uncommon this is, even in Europe).

The day bed where Hong Kong P insisted on sleeping, because she can't sleep with others in the bed. Kind of hilarious.

A rather excellent and functional table with a complimentary bottle of water and glasses because this is the one place in Finland where the tap water is not drinkable. I'm assuming they use well water here (we saw several on the property). Curiouser and curiouser.

The very convenient and gorgeous bathroom. This photo doesn't do it justice; the floor is very new grey tiles with a very pleasant matte finish. It had clearly been renovated very recently and was exceptionally clean.

The glorious rainforest shower. Once again the picture doesn't do it justice. I miss Finnish showers so much; the clean water, the unlimited hot water...the high water pressure. Sigh. British water is just crap compared to this with all its chemicals and minerals. Ah to be bathed in pure water again! It was heaven.

Each of the rooms is named, which is a cute touch. I have no idea what they mean but I think they're names of people or otherwise cute call backs to something people would recognize. If I were Finnish this would likely speak to me.

Other guest rooms down the hallway. Luckily we were separated down the other side with another room which was vacant. We came back rather joyous and singing from dinner that night and though we only met one other guest (a lovely middle aged Australian woman who was coming to see the art walk and make her way through the rest of Finland now that her summer studies were done), we saw the next day that there was an elderly Finnish couple also staying who likely heard our rather loud singing. We were located over the kitchen as well, which means no one heard our dancing. Again, dorks stuck in 30 year old women's bodies.

The reading nook that was near our room. I love any accommodation that provides a reading nook. I'd just finished my book on the plane on the way to Helsinki ("We Need to Talk About Kevin") and unfortunately had stupidly not brought another to start, so I was thrilled to find this. Rather against my luck though, most of these books were in Finnish and the one that I did find in English was not of interest. Oh well, you win some you lose some.

This made me seriously reconsider what my apartment should be decorated like. Do love that Finnish aesthetic.

The view from our window (one of our many windows). Looking out on the gorgeous fields and rentable bikes.

Breakfast the next morning was a spread of wonderful wholesome goodness. Museli cereal with milk, orange juice, tea, coffee, hard boiled eggs (which were incredibly fresh and good...I don't know how these countries keep giving me better and better eggs), a variety of breads, sliced cheese, sliced meat, and apples that German K claimed came from the neighbor's tree. It was lovely.

I made myself a sandwich with half a bun, butter, sliced cheese, meat, and some cucumbers. I ate two of the eggs and washed it all down with Earl Grey tea. It was heaven outside. Take away the fact that there were some scary flying buzzing bugs and it was incredible.

It was amazing anyway.

Breakfast outside in the sunshine is a real luxury. Something I took far too much for granted when I lived in San Diego.

Well, like I've been saying ever since I moved out of the States - it takes comparison to appreciate something. All of the same makes it hard to see the beauty in things.

And that's Hotel Nestor. I could not recommend it any higher. The owners are lovely friendly people.

Here is their listing on TripAdvisor.

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