Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What do you do with a rump?

So when I was last at the farmer's market I decided to do something a little adventurous. I decided to buy a type of meat I didn't know much about to see what I could do with it.

This seems a little silly maybe, since what if I found out I couldn't do anything with it? But I had my confidence - it seemed so unlikely that I wouldn't be able to figure out anything. I mean, really? Unless it was super unusable I'd figure something out.

So I bought rump steak. I knew from its look and feel it had very little fat so it was likely more like a stew meat, but other than that...beef.

What I really wanted to buy and what I've been keeping myself from buying are the gorgeous looking steaks. Seems sort of silly to make myself an amazing steak. Steak for one? Hm. Not yet.

Anyway, back to the rump.

I took it home and looked up some recipes. Admittedly most of them were slow cooker recipes. Damn, just what I suspected.

I have no experience with slow cookers, nor do I own one. I don't have the time to sit around a boiling pot either, given my schedule and social life that are slowly (but reassuringly) picking up.

I finally found a recipe for Korean beef that looked promising though (bulgolgi) so figured I would try that. Yes, something tasty that I can do.

Changed the recipe slightly to fit what ingredients I had but other than that, completely unchanged.

Here is the marinating result:

Potential? I think so. Unfortunately I forgot to cook it after an hour of marinating so it'll be super marinated by the time I get to it (hopefully tonight, which is about 24 hours of marinating), but whatever.

The meat was surprisingly soft when I was cutting not tough.

Will post the results. More cooking adventures!


Overall success I would say!

Probably could have added more sugar and definitely could have used a vinegary or alcohol ingredient (such as Mirin) to give it that extra flavor that it was missing, but overall, rather impressive.

I was afraid of overcooking it but also afraid it would be tough (being rather fatless rump meat) but it was surprisingly soft and tender! Really impressed with the quality of this rump steak - would definitely eat it again as a delicious dinner meal.

And so my first attempt at bulgolgi has passed and I feel rather satisfied with myself.

Now onto other cooking adventures.

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