Thursday, September 12, 2013

Third time's the charm

After hitting the farmer's market with an unusual precision and vengeance, I was walking home thinking about what I could potentially cook with my newly acquired free range organic local chicken when I received a text (I, like usual, was listening to music so I heard the ping right away). It was Church asking me what I was doing for the day. I replied that I had just finished at the farmer's market and had nothing else planned (which was true) and we started making plans together. Seems she'd been stuck inside for the last 48 hours with the flu and wanted to get outside for some fresh air and walking around. She asked if I had any sites I wanted to check out. I said I'd been wanting to go to Stonehenge though that required some real planning, and also to go back to Portobello Market after the first visit with my parents in wintertime and the last failed attempt with Books when we went on Sunday.

So to Portobello we decided to go.

Third time was definitely the charm. The market was in full swing that day and the weather was mostly on our side - we only saw a little bit of rain and we happened to be in a Starbucks by the time that happened so I'd say we were all good from that standpoint.

In fact it was so crowded that day that maybe it was a bit too crowded, but whatever, we definitely met the objectives of getting fresh air, trying some foods (Church got a nutella coconut crepe) and we looked at new and wonderful things. We even purchased some stuff. Incredible!

I bought a hilariously oversized beige sweater with rabbits all over it (something that I imagine will be excellent for the wintertime, though I have already taken off the tags to wear it first thing Monday morning to the's unusual that I get so excited about new clothing) and some new cheap sunglasses as I've been trying to find a new pair that has no nose pieces that I can bring to festivals and other places without worry that they might get damaged (my real pair being some very excellent Kate Spade aviators that I am terrified of breaking). My current pair hurts after extended wearing. That's the pair I unfortunately (or fortunately?) had for the Holi One fest. These new cheap sunglasses are like tortoise shell Ray Bans. But much much cheaper. Surprisingly dark tints though; which will be good in the incredibly bright British sunlight (that's sarcasm).

My sweater looks like this but is the boatneck version (and extremely oversized). I'm impressed I could find it online (I'm wearing it at the moment, so taking pictures of it is impossible):

Church similarly bought a dress, some earrings, and the crepe. But we definitely looked at everything. Portobello Market really is a wonder of a lot of weird stuff. Especially the antiques section. I gloried over some of the scrimshaw selection.

After awhile we stopped in the Starbucks and gathered our energy. Decided that the rest of the day could very easily be spent say, eating and watching a movie. And since the weather was devolving into possible rains, it was time to be indoors. Shepherd's Bush was only a few tube stops away, the indoor mall we went.

Great fortune.

We bought movie tickets for The Heat with Sandra Bullock and the actress from Bridesmaids (the large woman who really made the movie fantastic) and went to go eat dinner before our movie started.

We decided to go healthy and eat Yo! Sushi. Not the best thing in the world but fast and healthy. Most of our selections were actually vegetarian: seaweed salad, roasted eggplant (we both got two dishes of that each, it was so good with its scallions and ginger), salmon sashimi, and some very odd salmon skin (we both decided this was no good). In the end our checks were surprisingly light for Yo! Sushi: Only about 15pounds each. Whoo!

Filing into the movie theater we relaxed and settled into our seats for comedy. It was great. The movie itself was only alright but it provided the laughs and relief that we were looking for. Nothing too difficult to take. Perfect.

We ended the night early and settled back into our homes having spent a well-satisfied Saturday.

Life always happens when you're making plans and never expect it. Good Saturday considering I was expecting to do nothing and just cook. :)

Perhaps this whole London life thing will be alright after all. :)

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