Friday, September 6, 2013

Pub Quiz Thursday

After my day of odd once-in-a-longtime migraine suffering, I had plans to meet Two for a dinner of catching up and hopefully a small showing around West Ealing. There wasn't much to show mind you but I wanted to show off at least the delightful pub 'round the corner from my apartment. That's one thing I can brag about. And as luck would have it, since we were meeting on a Thursday, it was also pub quiz night. Hoohoo!

I was a little loopy still from my cocktail but otherwise was in good spirits; just happy to be pain-free and out in the fresh air again after being cooped up in my apartment like a hermit. Two was only too glad to meet me in Ealing (since she'd never been) and explore my neighborhood. She thought the Drayton Court was delightful and was more than happy to see what kinds of answers we could potentially answer from the pub quiz (it's called the hardest pub quiz in London).

So we sat down and ordered our dinner and listened to the pub quiz action. I decided to go healthy after all the business I'd been through for the day and ordered the grilled salmon. It was fantastic; lightly crunchy on the outside, perfectly done on the inside (still lusciously smooth, rich, and moist) and came with a small amount of little potatoes with fresh chopped tomatoes. Not too much to go on but my stomach had just started working again so I wasn't going to push it. Oddly I don't have a picture of it so you'll just have to bear with me (so unusual that I would have skipped a picture of food!).

As we chatted through our food and drinks (me with red wine, her with summery Pimm's), we listened to the pub quiz on and off. The questions, if it really was the hardest pub quiz in London, were definitely not so bad. Granted we could only answer about 15% of them and only another 85% of those were correct but we could still at least have a semblance of participation. Maybe one of these days we'll get a few more "expert knowledge" people together and give it a real shot. Maybe. 100pounds and a bottle of wine are the prize, so pretty good takings.

There was definitely a music round and other familiar aspects, so it was a pretty typical pub quiz. Another round had it so the letter of the answer to the last question started the answer to the next question, etc. And questions were things like "what was Edgar Allan Poe's famous poem with the bird in it?" or "name the first five states in the United States that come alphabetically, and in order." So again, some were answerable, some were not. It was harder to remember the questions we couldn't answer; we just had no idea.

All in all it was a wonderful night catching up with a new friend. We promised to get together again soon (we already have a movie date to see Donnie Darko in a cemetery next month) and called it a night.

This city with girlfriends is fantastic!

I'll now leave you with this silly graphic:

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