Friday, September 27, 2013

Leaving Creamfields behind

We all woke up particularly early the next morning. I think the idea that there were no more gigs to watch just made us uninterested in sleeping any longer in slightly miserable conditions. It was also particularly cold that morning, making it less than comfortable to stay in your tent. We were all up by 7:30am.

We packed everything with a strange efficiency. I guess once you've burned through the majority of the supplies you've brought it doesn't seem so bad hauling things back out. Always lighter on the journey home.

As we trudged our way back through the campgrounds and on our way out, I scanned the multitudes of camps and the tens of thousands of tents that lay sprawled everywhere. There were only a sprinkling of dumpsters everywhere, most of which weren't even close to full. I was told by British C that most people leave their tents because they can't be bothered to repack them and walk them back to the cars. Buy something for 20quid and leave it there; it's not worth the effort.

I stared out at the tens of thousands of tents with a fresh perspective. So much waste. Creamfields could house an entire refugee camp with all of the sleeping bags, pillows, and tents that were left behind. And all of them were just going to be torn down and put into a landfill. I was once again disgusting at the amount of waste. Only in the first world. Only would we even dare to think of buying something knowing full well that we'd only use it once and be fine with throwing it away, perfectly usable and intact. In pleasure we trust.

We eventually made it back to the car, happy to be on our way to civilization. We stopped at McDonalds on the way back for our first meal of the day. I had my first sausage mcmuffin with egg in ages (I can't remember my last one's probably been years...they're so good). I had the entire meal: hashbrown, mcmuffin, orange juice. Breakfast of champions.

Making it back to British C and Ozzie L's house was like finding paradise. Civilization! Showers! I've never felt like scrubbing myself so badly before. Like I wanted to burn all my clothes and never see them again. But of course I didn't; if this trip taught me anything it was that waste is such a first world luxury. So I took my shower hastily and vowed I was doing myself a service just getting clean. It still felt like heaven.

I was then dropped off at the train station and an hour and a half or so later, I was back at my apartment, back with the world. It felt...weird.

Of course it didn't help that the pain in my body had never really ceased and had in fact, gotten much worse. I continued to ignore it like a champion all day until I could barely stand for more than a few seconds later than night, near midnight. Then in a panic when it was too painful to even sit, I called a few close people to see what I could do about it (not knowing anything about the medical system).

And thus began the second part of my adventure...

...which will be chronicled in the next [few] blog posts.

But before I get into that I'd like to give special thanks to British C and Ozzie L. Without them the weekend in Creamfields would have surely been a disaster, and their experience saved us an overwhelming amount of pain, effort, and definite annoyance with the rather drunken, dirty, and disgusting festival revelers. Though I may have a personal problem with the amount of waste and destruction that was present there, I have an exceptional appreciation for them and the amount of fun they have there despite all that. And they are the considerate type of camper who does not only pick up after themselves (and make sure that we were that type of camp as well), but who do not leave behind myriads of waste, in any sense of the word.

So thank you, British C and Ozzie L, for bringing me in on this experience. Especially since I wasn't forward thinking enough to buy in the first time around. Without you I would not have known what this was like and wouldn't have been able to experience it for myself. You guys are true troopers and I would never take away what we did, not one smelly minute of it. :)

I will be forever grateful for your thinking of me when that ticket became available. Will I go again? Haha, probably not (unless we consider that ridiculous VIP area, which I think we all agree is not worth the money), but it was definitely worth going through at least once.

Live a little, live a lot. Written in the stars.

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