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Rather capitalistically, Creamfields doesn't publish their line ups in any sort of convenient way. Instead they encourage you to buy a lanyard (priced at 8pounds a pop) that has the artists listed by day and stage. I'll fully admit that this system had me more than a little miffed. Their website is even designed in such a way that you can't print the information. Talk about information display failure. Either someone's a genius at making money and skimming as much as possible from young people, or someone's an idiot. Or a jerk. I'm going to go with options 1 and 3.

Anyway, as it happens Ozzie L and British C enjoy buying these lanyards as souvenirs of their trip every year, so they had no qualms getting one for the group. The other couple that came also decided this was a good idea, so in the end, we had two copies for the group. This ended up being enough but we still had to constantly refer to them because the information was displayed in such a way that we could never remember what we had planned. Note to self: try to get myself hired as their next graphics designer...I'm sure I could find a more efficient way to present this info. I wonder if I could get this based on commission as well (for every lanyard they sell, I get 5%...I'd make tons of money).

Saturday, day 1, ended up being pretty breezy for us - the group basically wanted to see all the same artists and there weren't many conflicts. Since I'd decided to go low tech and leave my cell phone at home (since there was basically nowhere to charge it and in all likelihood it would get lost, stolen, or otherwise damaged), we had to go with low tech solutions for meeting up like back in the day...set a time and meet at a place that was agreed upon ahead of time. Talk about ancient techniques. It was kind of lovely though...not having the siren call of my email or text messaging. The only thing that made it kind of a drab - my oldschool point and shoot camera and knowing that I'd need to plug it into a computer in order to sync everything to my accounts later. But that was a small price to pay for three entire days without being bothered by anything. It was surprisingly easy. I didn't feel stressed about it at all.

So who did we end up seeing that Saturday? A few goodies.

Nicky Romero
Sasha (oldschool, I know) friends all went to see either Avicii or Prodigy later that night.

Unfortunately I'd started to have what would continue to be gnawingly bad pains in my abdomen. So I called it an early night (it was right around 9:30pm by this time, right when Prodigy was to start). I got walked back to my tent by Ozzie L and promptly fell asleep. Good thing too because most people came back to their tents around 3:30am (there was still music playing at this time, by the way, last show didn't stop until around 4:30am...which I could hear from my tent) and woke me up. I definitely had the most sleep of the group.

I'd have to say getting older has taught me one thing - nothing is worth it if you're feeling like crap. You'll have another chance in life and it's no problem sitting something out and recovering to go at it again the next day. Your friends will understand and if they're good friends, they'll just let you feel better and make it out the next day, whatever you feel up to doing. No pressure. These are my friends, and they are wonderful.

That was our first day. Pretty laid back, easy going. Sunday was going to be...more. That's the only way I can describe it.

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