Monday, August 5, 2013

Scratch chili

I was back from Croatia and in the mood for some homemade cooking loving. For whatever reason the fact that I missed 4th of July (and also my parents' wedding anniversary) made me quite sad this year. Maybe it's because I actually had people to celebrate it with last year or something...this year it just felt different. America just feels that much more far away this time.

So I decided after planning my weekend of farmers market raiding that I would make myself some homemade chili. Who doesn't love homemade chili? It evokes (at least for me) the memories of sweet tailgating parties, cold winter nights, great summer bbqs, the Poolhouse annual chili cookoff, and a bunch of other wonderful, American times. You just can't have negative associations with chili. I'd always loved chili, even as a kid.

It didn't take me long to find this recipe on This one I could make because I had enough of the ingredients (including some very oddly cheap ground beef that I had caved and bought at Lidl one weekend, before I'd met my local organic non-GM-fed butcher) and it wouldn't take much else to get the rest. The plan was set, and I got the rest that weekend. I think in total I spent less than 3pounds getting everything needed for it.

Granted I still had to do some variations because I didn't have everything (like I didn't search far and wide for "chili seasoning" because I felt like the British wouldn't really pay proper homage to that) so I mixed my own with a blend of cayenne pepper, garlic garni seasoning and cumin. Also instead of doing the dark and light kidney beans I just decided on dark kidneys and white beans. Beans are beans. All are tasty.

The result? Well, after some taste testing and the addition of sugar (I think the garlic garni added too much salt)...


Admittedly I ate the entire batch in two days, but whatever, home tastes like home.

I plan to do a lot more of these kinds of homemade cooking projects, in the quest to continue eating healthier and more fulfilling meals. Granted next time I'll be making it with my local butcher's meat instead of cheap meat, but whatever, this is what I had around this time (and there is no more of it). Worked for the job.

If you want the full version of the recipe I used I can write it down, otherwise, bon appetit!

The original base recipe can be found here.

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