Friday, August 23, 2013

Out on a school night!

And despite my rather busy weekend (and that was jam packed compared to what I normally do, which is farmers market, maybe some cooking, and a whole lot of laying around and either watching tv or reading...which is lovely, really it is)...I was out again. On a Monday night, of all times.

This was not planned. I was thinking I would go to the gym after work (after being super lazy the week before and only making it once...disgusting, I know...and in stark contrast to what I had been doing when I first moved, which was a fierce like 4-5 times a week...overzealous.), then maybe hit the Waitrose on the way home to pick up some much-needed essentials (finally running out of the TP supply my parents bought me, things of that nature).

But instead I was hailed online by someone I'd not spoken to in awhile. A lovely British Indian girl I'd met in Austria (Salzburg to be specific...and then we met up again in Vienna when we were both there later) when I was backpacking back in 2011. She lives in Bristol now and is helping patients with brain disorders. Very noble and excellent profession.

Anyway, it had come down last minute that one of her friends was doing a standup comedy routine that night and had invited her into town (London town, that is). So she decided to hop on the train and make the two hour trek down. And so it was. I was then hailed and invited out.

Unfortunately the show started at 6pm, which for me is way too early (who gets off of work early enough to make anything remotely close to 6pm? You'll be lucky if you get working people assembled by 7:30pm), so we agreed to meet after the show was over, a much more reasonable 7pm.

So I went to my gym session, she went to the comedy routine, and I agreed to meet up with her later.

Ah blissful gym session...return me to my state of calm bliss. It did work. I did feel better afterwards.

And then met everyone in Camden, which is about a 35 minute busride away from Paddington (where I work).

Catching up ensued (we hadn't seen each other since before my move to Finland, if you can believe that) and drinks were ordered. A day out on the town...on a Monday of all days! I couldn't believe how young I was feeling. It was ridiculous.

And then we dove into some food together. Fried food (as pub food always seems to be).

Greasy greasy pub food. Admittedly it's always the things that you kind of want deep in your soul but you feel slightly guilty for wanting. Fried chicken wings, calamari rings, cheese sticks, potato wedges, and even a few chicken fingers. We got the maximum sharing platter.

The sauces, in case you were wondering (since they're not what I thought they would have been, given the variety of fried items) are (from top and clockwise): sour cream (despite being oddly like cottage cheese in texture), sweet and spicy sauce, and some sort of relatively mild salsa ketchup mixture.

I had a half-pint of Stella to go with it. Very nice.

Alas it was a Monday night though, and eventually, being the reasonable adult that I sometimes am, I felt like I should go. Getting back to Ealing from Camden takes a good hour. But at least the route home wasn't too bad - tube tube bus. Dealable.

Was good seeing old friends, making new friends. This London Town business is really looking up. Haven't felt this alive here in...ever.

Also doesn't hurt that the warm weather has finally started to stick. People are saying this is the longest summer stretch of weather they've had in 7 years. I'm going to pretend it has something to do with me. Har har.

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