Thursday, August 29, 2013

Moar cooking!

My cooking adventures continue...and in interesting ways.

I'd made promises the week before to make dinner for Salads. She's in the middle of packing at the moment and thought it would be a good motivator to do a whole day of packing and look forward to a home cooked meal. Plus she'd been spying all of my posts about homemade goodies and asked when she could come over. I said whenever she had time.

The date was set. I went to the farmers market as planned and decided on seasonal eggplant as my veggie of choice (Salads is a strict vegetarian...though luckily she still drinks copious amounts of wine and loves cheese).

Unfortunately she needed to cancel rather last minute, so I was left with my eggplants for another time. As this turns out, it was more than alright with me. I was out already with Church and friends at Street Feast, so festivities just continued in that vein. However, eggplants remained.

So what to do with those eggplants?

I did some investigation on allrecipes (my favorite site still for recipe mongering) and I found...

two recipes that I wanted to make.

One is for hot and spicy eggplant (Chinese style). I have done this once before (long time ago) and I will likely do it again. Takes some patience but it needs to be cooked. Delicious will ensue. I have still yet to do this one but it is in the works.

The second was for lamb and eggplant stew. I had oddly bought minced lamb again from the local organic non-GM fed butcher this past weekend as well yet didn't have the rest of the ingredients for another (which would have been my third) bout of chili. And I was feeling like something different should be made. After eating both of my last pots of chili in about two days...I was thinking that perhaps I should stop making myself food crack and move onto something different.

So, lamb and eggplant stew it was. Awesome! I even had almost all of the ingredients. After reading the other comments left...I could definitely substitute and make do with what I had.

The result?


Took about an hour to stew in its own juices as well as two onions, two bell peppers, two eggplants, about a pound and a half of minced lamb, an incredible amount of allspice (bit weird but totally works), garlic salt, freshly ground black pepper, the equivalent of two tomatoes (I only buy these local non-GM cherry tomatoes which I eat like grapes...they're amazing), some ketchup, and a frozen cup or so of red wine I had in the freezer and voila!

Fantastic stew. I even made brown basmati rice to go with it (something I never care to do...who cares about carbs?).

I'd have to say I'm rather proud of this one. Upping the cooking ante.

I have a feeling that the amount of people wanting to come to Ealing is going to increase as the food fanciness continues to go up...

I look forward to it. Future cooking, ho!

Recipe, here.

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