Friday, August 16, 2013

Half a decade later...

I received an email this morning. A rather unexpected email that put a smile on my face.

It was an automated email congratulating me on completing five years of work at the same company.

My god, has it been five years since I started working here? Yes.

I did actually know that. People have been asking me rather frequently how long I've been working here. And I've always known the answer. Also I am constantly reminded of this fact because in every relocation and tax form they have you restate it as it means something to the people who need to pay you or not pay you, give you benefits or not give you benefits. Everyone wants to keep things straight. But that's not important.

It dawned on me, after smiling not so secretly to myself about being appreciated and recognized (a little thing, I know)...that that is half a decade. I've been working at the same place for half a decade. I'm not that old. This is actually a significant portion of my life. How...odd.

Anyway, little monetary bonus on the paycheck this month and...

everyone at work who has reached this milestone has mentioned some sort of special pen that they received as well. 

Note, it's not monogrammed with your name or anything of the sort. It's not even a particularly special pen, but for whatever reason my company feels the reason to give you this particular pen on your 5 year anniversary of working with the company. 

I am so excited to see what this hideously unspectacular pen looks like. Bring it on company, show me this pen. Show me how special this pen can be.

After a quick google search of "fancy pen" I am going to pretend that it will look something like this:

Gorgeous, intricate, made from precious metals.

In all likelihood it will look something like this:

It may even seem this large in my hand. Most pens do.

Anyway, I look forward to solving this mystery. I will post if/when this pen ever arrives. I anxiously await it.

In the meantime I'll celebrate my five years of service with something nice sometime. I'll have to figure that out later. Seems I have plenty of time.

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