Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cutting the mustard

And as promised, the second posting of the day to make up for yesterday's absence:

After the weekend of making my own homemade mustard, it was time to finally try it. I'd left it in the fridge (completely sealed) for a week and I was anxious to try it. Plus I'd finally gotten a loaf of bread again so I had something to try it on (very important in the trying of things).

The result?

Resounding success!

I had it in a rather odd sandwich (admittedly) that consisted of:
  • lettuce
  • cucumber
  • mayo
  • a cheese from Bath that resembles an extreme triple creme brie but is not in fact any of those
Needless to say despite these other flavors (and I was eating some Tangy Cheese Doritos at the time...a splurge last time I was at Lidl in a moment of weakness)...I could still taste my mustard. 

It was the taste of victory.

To be perfectly honest there are a few things that I am going to improve about the recipe before I begin distributing it to other people as gifts but the main idea is right. Improvements to be made:
  • Don't cook it for as long; the consistency of the mustard I have currently is more like peanut butter because I definitely was afeared of it being too liquidy. That needn't have been a worry; it is more like a paste now instead of a proper mustard.
  • Consider buying a different type of vinegar; I used white vinegar in my recipe versus the recommended apple cider vinegar because I was being cheap and using what was on hand. I have a feeling this seriously changed the flavor and made it more bitter. Definitely would be good with something a bit sweeter.
  • Less pepper perhaps, would also make it less bitter.
Other than that, pretty satisfied. The color is quite nice; like a more golden Nutella.


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