Wednesday, August 7, 2013

British pico and the continued cooking saga

As my lust for cooking (and surprisingly, reading, but I'll get to that in another post) has been increasing, so has my interest in going to the farmers market. I'm strangely proud to admit that I went to the farmers market one week after having gone last time. I did eat through most of the produce I had bought last time but also...I just wanted to go. Like a normal person, I wanted to go grocery shopping once a week. This is so strange for me and now I feel like my fridge is overpacked (it is also likely that I've overbought because I don't know how to buy the right amounts for only one week's worth of food), but whatever. I feel strangely happy that I am turning my life around and doing a much better job at supplying myself with good food.

And so the cooking also comes with this. Especially with the gorgeous summer bounty that my farmers market is now providing me. There are so many choices I almost don't even know where to begin and what to buy, I want to buy everything and cook everything every weekend. Good problem to have, is all I'll say. I should get a boyfriend quick so I can have someone else to help me eat all this food (hah!).

So what did I make this weekend with all the stuff I bought? Ridiculous amounts. Starting, oddly, with pico de gallo (salsa fresca, or fresh salsa, in other words):

I'd been craving something fresh and good and this reminds me of San Diego. I used to make it all the time because of its simplicity and quick availability. Not so easy to make here in Ealing/London. I was only able to make it this time because I finally found cilantro (coriander, otherwise known as Chinese parsley) at Lidl. I will slightly embarrassingly admit that I bought their entire stock out when I found it. It was only two packages' worth, in my defense.

But this allowed me to make salsa fresca. A lot of it. 

...I ate it all in one day. With an entire bag of chips. Oye. Not the healthiest thing in the world but not bad, all things considered. I used the local non-GM tomatoes I'd bought at the farmers market, cilantro from Lidl, and unfortunately onions that I'd bought at Lidl as well - the organic onions that I normally buy were all sold out. Sigh. Well, do what you can when you can I suppose. Can't do everything perfect everytime.

What else did I make that weekend?

Well, I made another batch of chili from scratch. This one was much more spicy and (proud cook) made with local non-GM-fed organic steak mince instead of the terrible cheap stuff I used last time. Fantastic.

I also sauteed local organic green beans from the same guy who I buy wild organic rocket from. Sauteed green beans and onions.

And hilariously, made myself a ham sandwich. The ham was honey smoked by my local non-GM-fed organic butcher. I added salad cream, mature cheddar from the local cheesemonger, and some lettuce. It was tasty, not gonna lie. Might need to eat a bunch more of those this week.

Cooking rage, here I come. This summer is going to be spectacular. I can already feel it.

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