Friday, August 30, 2013

A working pub quiz

Once again my work had outdone itself and decided to throw more festivities at the workplace. I love these kinds of things. Really I do. Bring the coworkers together, give us a little reprieve from the hard work that we do.

I'd missed some of the more recent ones - there was a doughnut or chocolate tasting (couldn't get the straight answer from the guys who sit around me) while I was away in Croatia and there may have been another one that I missed because I was busy with projects other times.

But this one I was determined not to miss. Why?
  1. Who doesn't love a pub quiz? Really, who doesn't love trivia. Especially in England. It's shocking how much people love pub quizzes in Europe in general. People get very competitive. It's lovely.
  2. There would likely be prizes. I love winning things (like most people). This was going to be a competition to the end.
  3. The people around me all had plans for Friday night and mine was conspicuously open. Seemed like a good enough reason.
  4. I didn't want to go home and do nothing instead.
  5. It started at 3:30pm and was a legitimate reason to stop working then and leave my desk. 'Nuff said.
So at 3:45pm (I even left a little late!) I went to our cafeteria and joined my team to battle against five other teams for the glory of pub quiz winnings.

Hilariously the topics revolved around our newest product release (go is company-sponsored after all...they had to make it relevant to let us get away from work...we'd let them do it this time).

There were six rounds and they were rapid fire. Luckily we were plied with much free booze of our choosing (red or white wine, two types of beer (Heineken or Peroni)) and lots of snacks (the amazing rice cracker mix that I can't seem to find anywhere in supermarkets, other types of pub snacks like cracker nuts and these amazing little round snack cracker things that I love).

I was trying to be good though and actually win this thing, so I had one glass of white wine and stayed away from the carby snacks in order to keep my brain clear. Especially since I'd partaken in the English breakfast that was available that morning in the cafeteria instead of just the free design breakfast that I'm allowed to participate in (Ginger and Hapa have been slowly converting me to their British lifestyle...I've even started to call English breakfast a "fry up" instead...this is where it all begins).

Anyway, the pub quiz commenced and my team of ladies was doing pretty well. We were in solid second for a long time (against the group of guys that we were really battling against). But then we were killed in the music round and suddenly we were second to last. Oof.

We never gained ground again.

At the end we hilariously tied against the guys' group that we were trying to beat. Oh well.

As they were passing out prizes we saw that first, second, and last places got prizes.

What! If we had known that last place would also get prizes we would have tried a lot less hard in order to get something.

Last and second place both got chocolate phones. They were actually really cool. Man, if only we'd done so much worse we could have gotten something edible as prize.

First place got a 100pound Nando's certificate. Pretty legit prize considering it wasn't advertised anywhere what we could win. Very legit. Especially considering there were only two guys in that team and it seemed one of the teammates didn't want the prize. So really only one guy won it. His family is going to be eating chicken for the next 3 weeks.

We stayed around partaking of the free booze and snacks for awhile longer then moved onto a pub for the night, staying out late into the night. Regular Friday night for the crew.

This is why I love where I work (among many other reasons).

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