Tuesday, July 23, 2013

tSH explores Croatia

It was finally time to take a holiday, now that I had moved to the UK. After 5+ months since Thailand (I was wrong in my other post) I was ready to go somewhere with consistent warm sunshine. Somewhere...relaxing.  In other words: get the hell out of this concrete jungle.

The girls and I decided that it was high time we checked out Croatia. German K had already been (when she was a child traveling with her family) but decided that it was well worth checking out again with us ladies. I was glad she made the sacrifice for us - it was an incredible experience.

You'll see as I chronicle it with various pictures and our experiences, etc, but I would most liken it to my experiences in Greece. The gorgeous seaside towns and the atmosphere...there really is nothing like island culture and the feeling of relaxation that comes with it.

Also, there was no distinct "Croatian" culture I noticed. And whenever we read up about it online (since none of us had done previous research, as always, and none of us had guidebooks this time), all anyone could ever say was that on the mainland it was an amalgamation of Hungarian, Austrian, and Turkish influences, and on the coast it was a mixture of Greek, Roman, Italian, and French.  I will say though that the architecture seemed very distinct - I'd never seen anything like it. Perhaps this is because I've not been to too many of the coastal cities of these places, at least not recently. But their bell towers were definitely unique and completely identifiable as their own. And gorgeous.

And so without further ado, I'll get on with the chronicling of our adventures through Croatia. German K was unfortunately only able to join us for the first part of the trip through the islands, needing to go back to work. Hong Kong P and I continued south to Dubrovnik before turning back and flying home.

tSH, travels once more.

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