Thursday, July 18, 2013

Meat me at the meat?

I've come to realize that my diet of extreme raw fruits, veggies, and nuts wasn't going to take me very far in the meat department. Since my discovery of new local organic non-GM fed meats however, I was going a little more meat-crazy than I normally do. I guess once you have the taste of it again it sort of gets the better of you.

The best example of this meat craze was last Friday, when I was finishing up the last of one of my reports and also giving a team presentation to the rest of the design department. I was nervous, since we hadn't a lot of time to prep the presentation and I would be flying to Berlin the following week to give my even bigger presentation to design leadership and some political big wigs. These things make me feel uncomfortable.

Needless to say, I decided, despite us giving a presentation in front of the design breakfast (which we would be able to eat at as well), I would eat before I left home (a pure rarity). What did I eat?

My leftover local pork sausage and leftover lamb spaghetti sauce. Starting the day off right. With meat.

When I finally finished the presentation (went over as well as it could have, considering how little time we had to prepare and make it happen..logistically-speaking), what did I eat at the design breakfast? There was a wealth of scones, cakes, pastries, breads, cheeses, fruit, yogurt...

...I had meat again. I had the roast beef slices and some salami and some very nice cold cuts of an unidentifiable nature. Sooo tasty.

My manager decided to take my team out that day for a "job well done" on getting our report done two days  early (I'd like to toot my own horn at this part and say that it was because we were extremely well-organized...a rarity and wholly dependent upon the team lead...which was me in this case, har har). She took us to a very nice French restaurant for some sparkling (ooo fizzy on the company dime!) and lunch.

What did I order?

Flank steak, rare. It might have had some caramelized onions as garnish and some fries. Other than that, pure and utterly delicious meat.

I don't think I ate the rest of the day. Maybe some nuts after I got home. The rest of the day was purely booze from what I recall (just a glass of wine or two, nothing special or overboard).

Anyway, I just wanted to share the extreme day of meat that happened. It was incredible. It is likely this will happen again. I have no words to describe how happy this meatfest made me.


I apologize once again that there are no pictures. I will try to remedy this when I go to Croatia later this week.

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