Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lunch update

So I finally made to the farmer's market with cash like a food winner. Yes, this plan to slowly gain a little bit of the lost weight was looking quite sunny. And as luck would have it (or depending on how you look at it), I had an entire weekend to do nothing but cook and be by my lonesome and figure out my plan of action regarding fixing that status.

What did that equal? Making lunches. And a lot of food. What did I make?

A few standbys and some new things.

On Friday, before I went to the farmer's market I went to my default comfort food (a lot of weird things had happened in the week and I was in need of a little reassurance): fried rice. No meat unfortunately, since I still didn't really have any and I was too lazy to chop up pan fried eggs, but whatever. It was a medley of veggies. Still tasty, little too much dark soy. Not bad for a first attempt back at real cooking. Something easy.

The next attempts after the farmer's market were incredibly more successful, and I can feel my body responding beautifully to the influx of food. My run on Sunday was full on easy. So this is what it feels like to properly nourish one's body...

Anyway, I was a food winner and had been a little overzealous in my purchasing. This is what happens when you go to a farmer's market on an empty stomach. Sigh. Lesson learned. Eat before you purchase. I knew this already about grocery shopping. It should only have been all too apparent that this would carry into farmer's market shopping as well. Oh well, it's all good stuff. What did I buy you ask?

  • Avocados
  • Vine ripened tomatoes
  • Green grapes
  • Mushrooms (white, button, but huge)
  • Matured cheddar with bleu veins running through it (local cheesemonger)
  • Local butcher-made pork sausages with caramelized onions
  • Organic locally grown wild rocket (my favorite, omg this went so fast...into my stomach)
  • Spring onions
I also went to Lidl down the street to supplement my purchases because unfortunately my farmer's market isn't big enough to support all of my grocery needs and I had gotten myself into a buying frenzy (hard for me to do in the first place, so I was going to go with it as long as I could). I also bought myself some additional proteins (ground beef, peanuts, cashews, mixed seeds), head of lettuce, and a jar of korma sauce. What the hell, live a little.

The total I spent that day: around 18pounds. Not bad for a 2 week grocery bill. I won't need to go shopping for another 2-3 weeks because this was sooner than my normal grocery shopping habit. Yeah, I'm still that 2-3 week shopper. Though after killing the wild rocket in 3 days I might decide to go every week just to get more rocket. Gotta love that rocket (which is also called arugula or rucola, depending on where you're's my favorite leaf).

When I got home I didn't know what to do with myself I had so many choices of things to eat and cook. One thing I did know though: I was going to eat. So I cooked up the sausages (since they were amazing looking and smelling) and did away with those. I had purchased four and didn't want them to have any chance of going bad.

I'm bad at cooking raw sausages. I'll put it out there right now. The butcher had said I could put them in the oven for 25-30 minutes at 150C or so or I could panfry them. I'm not great at either one of those options because I'm always nervous about knowing when they're done and not overcooked, so instead I put water in a frying pan and sort of blanched them instead. Needless to say I still needed to check them twice before being convinced they were fully cooked (they're pork, after all).

And how were they? Absolutely incredible. I'm never buying sausages from anywhere else ever again. Local is the way to go.

It looks weird because I've already eaten the ends and the big gaping hole is where I cut into it to make sure it was fully cooked. This is also my wild rocket and parmesan cheese "salad." Basically eating it raw. It was glory. Btw this was after gorging myself on green grapes. The grapes of glory.

Anyway, after I'd had my fill I decided to cook myself some lunches (which unfortunately I have no good pics of). This week's menu? Veggie korma and mushroom frittata. Looking up in the world. :)

So at least I'm bringing hot food into work now and the weight is slowly being put on. I've also consciously tried to stay away from the gym as much. I think it's working. I feel better. This might also be because it's finally "warm" and sunny here in London. I'll take what I can get. :)

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