Monday, June 17, 2013

Great Gats!

After leaving the VA Museum of Childhood, Sweets and I continued our first Sunday hanging out. I'm loath to admit that I've never actually hung out with any of my British friends on the weekend before...but that's mostly because I'm never around on the weekends...and they always seem to be having drama of one sort or another. This may hamper me in later times in actually dating a Brit of any kind, but the jury is still out on this particular fact. In any case, the thing had never happened and this was the first time. I was feeling quite special, to be honest. It's like making new friends for the first time at a new school and feeling accepted...finally.

We didn't have any plans following the museum so when Sweets asked me to go see the Great Gatsby with her and her roommate at an independent theater they both have a membership to I gladly agreed. Plus I really did miss the cinema - something I used to regularly visit when in San Diego. I'm hardpressed to remember a time where I didn't go to the cinema at least once a month for some movie or another. But then again I guess I had coupons back then and was a little more obsessive about what was gracing the silver screen. Not so much nowadays - always away, always traveling...always...well, working or busy or something. I do miss it sometimes.

I hadn't read anything about the Great Gatsby but I had heard through various ways of hearsay that it was visually stunning, stylized, and had lots of famous actors in it. I'd read the book back in middle school (or thereabouts) and....yeah, that was all I had to go on. Sounded good enough of a reason to go to me. Plus more bonding time with my British ladyfriend Sweets. Awesome.

Apparently part of the lovely part of independent theaters (which are rare, as big box office theaters are the thing nowadays, as they are in the States) is that they have fantastic food attached with them, as well as pubs. So as we waited for Sweets' roommate to arrive (from drama with her boyfriend, no less...see my impression that the British are always dealing with drama?), we got food and drinks. For me? A chai latte, for Sweets, soda water with limes. And to eat? A wooden board filled with cured meats, bean salad, tomato breads, and green leaf salads. Om nom nom. Nom nom.

And then for the movie. The Great Gatsby, 3D.

Unfortunately we purchased our tickets a bit late, so we were sitting in the middle of the front row. 3D.

I'm someone who's going slightly nearsighted as time goes on (damn you myopia with astigmatisms!), so this was like the weirdest of several worlds, colliding into catastrophe. But luckily after 20 minutes I figured out how to recline my seat, so it wasn't the end of the world.

3D up close is really surreal. Add to that Baz Luhrman's penchant for glitter and you've got yourself one crazy mix of "I felt like I was really a sparkling dream...and it was confusing...and awesome."

Needless to say I enjoyed the movie. I think a lot of people will find it distasteful in some way, as it does have remixed modern music and kind of bastardizes the time period (which is quite specific and stylized), but overall I thoroughly felt great about it.

It also made me think that I should really live my life a bit differently. Stretch my legs and breathe a little easier. It's so easy to get caught up in the small things. British drama? Not interesting to me. Why don't we all just relax and enjoy what we have? Know what's really important instead of fussing over the politics and the pride?

And that was my first British cinema experience. Definitely going to have to redo it in order to get a better impression, but this was a good start. Fully immersed, 3D, glittery, and very memorable.

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