Thursday, June 27, 2013

Going on hiatus!

For a much needed holiday.

Yes, please do the math. When was that last time tSH went on a holiday?

...think, think very very hard...when was the last time I failed to post more than a day late?

Twas December. January perhaps. Yus, I have almost made it 7 months without a holiday. This is what I do. This is a terrible thing to do to oneself. Especially considering the rather astonishing fact that I got all of my holidays at the beginning, as soon as I moved to the UK, so there was no real reason to do such a blind leap of faith into my work (other than the clear and obvious fact that I am utterly, truly, and unrealistically devoted to it...clearly I love it a little too much).

Anyway, it's time for a break. I need to get away from the grit, grime, rudeness, and horror that has become London.'s not that bad. But I do need a break. This city has worn me down in more ways that I can truly say (though I'm sure it's become fairly obvious given the posts I've been putting up).

Where am I going? Sunny Croatia! German K and Hong Kong P will be joining me for a week (German K for slightly less, as she needs to get back to work sooner than us).

I look forward to this so much. I'd like to pretend that this is what I work so hard for...but truth is...I don't need to work so hard to get to this point. I just do it because I love it.

So cheers to that, I'll be back in a week readers.

Adieu until then.

Sincerely and most loyally yours,

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