Friday, May 3, 2013

Visiting Finn

Easter weekend was upon us and it was my time to visit my most recent ex: Finn.

Honestly it felt a little weird going back, after so little time. But I was also excited. I was getting to see some much-cherished friends (who I had not ceased talking to for a minute since I had left) and even though it was slightly painful to go back to a city I had once (and still slightly) loved, I knew it was something I needed to do in order to move on.

The verdict?

Oddly it felt like I had never left. The city was exactly as I had left it. There was a little less snow on the ground (just a little, actually), and it was significantly warmer (like maybe right around freezing instead of -10C), but more or less, it was still exactly the same city.

People still acted the same, the pubs were exactly the same.

I flew in around 11pm and by the time I reached the city center it was around midnight. My friends were out at Navy Jerry's and said I should meet them there. Since coat check there is only 3euros (that includes entrance fee), I said sure, and decided to grab a glass or two of cider with them and catch up.

There I met up with German K, Hong Kong P and surprisingly Singaporean T as well. The bar was still blasting wonderful oldies, the Finns were still drunk and staring (trying hard to either get up the courage to pick up the appropriate ladies or were clearly trying to work their games on us...and doing a terrible job) and we were still laughing at the entire thing. It was wonderful, just like old times. In fact it was so much like old times that I felt like I'd literally, never left. The only thing that was different was that I had no apartment to go back to. But this didn't even feel weird, since at the end of the night, as we always used to, German K, Hong Kong P, and I, all walked home together.

Things were definitely changing though, despite things still feeling the same this time around. I had moved to a different city and was staying at German K's apartment (which I suppose was the same as the last time I was there, since I had to stay at her place when I flew out the last time), and that weekend, as it so happened, Hong Kong P was moving into her newly acquired apartment in a different section of town.

The Toolo Girls, as we were known by our group of friends, were officially breaking up. German K was more than displeased, being the last one in the area (though she'd already made it clear at least 6 months before that she also had plans of leaving; later in the year and moving back to her native country).

As we chatted happily along, catching up as though no time had passed, we all felt our lives changing. But we all promised to keep everything together as long as we could. And knowing how much we all travel (they all travel almost as much as I do), this would definitely be possible.

So we split for the night, said our farewells, and made plans to meet for coffee the next day. Nothing was going to keep us apart.

It was a wonderful welcome back to Finn. Only remembering the good times. This is how I want to remember this city. And I think I'll hold onto that.

Next day: brief lunch with Finn then onto Mother Russia!

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