Friday, May 24, 2013

tSH goes to the Daneland!

Or to be PC, Denmark.

For whatever reason whenever I'm tired or befuddled, it comes out as "The Daneland" instead of Denmark. Whatever. I chalk it up to having to remember so much at one time all the time. My brain is great...just not all the time...for all things. Whatever, still great at some things (sometimes).

Anyway, German K, Hong Kong P, and I had decided that we would continue the saga of seeing each other every month or so (yes we all travel a ton for work already as it is, but what is life if you can't see your best friends as much as possible...especially when you have the means and well...airline points do so?). We've already sketched out a rough itinerary of what country for each month until the fall. Yeah, that kind of planning. Destinations include Croatia, the Faroe Islands, southern Spain, Ibiza, and the weird parts of eastern Europe that we've all thought about going to but have decided should never go solo to.

This weekend it was to be Copenhagen. Planned in advance, it was surprisingly cheap. I got my roundtrip flight from Gatwick to the Copenhagen airport for 90euros. Amazing deal. They got their flight with points and some other discounts, so not too much more. I did find out on the trip back that my traveling time to and from the airport, because of its location (since I now live so close to Heathrow) took way more time than the flight it's very likely that in the future I will not fly out of any airport other than Heathrow. My time is just worth more than the money I'd be saving. Plus the train ticket to Gatwick was more than double my train ticket to Heathrow, despite my awesome, I think that pretty much seals my deal.

Anyway, back to Copenhagen. Admittedly, similar to our trip to Oslo, none of us had done research beforehand due to hectic work schedules so we basically just landed Friday night, got to our couchsurfing host's house and said we would wing the entire weekend. We didn't even know how to use the public transportation system and our host wasn't around most of the time. Hilarious.

But that first night in was just us girls, chatting away quietly in our host's living room, where we all slept. Catching up on girl things, despite the fact that we'd just seen each other Easter weekend. Apparently lots had happened during this time and despite talking pretty frequently, we still had much to talk about.

And thus concluded our first night in Copenhagen. Good start to a good weekend.

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