Thursday, May 2, 2013


After doing some settling and getting back into the swing of things, plus being exposed to some sweet new aspects of design and people...I started to wonder: could this newfound inspiration be taken a step further? Was I ready to...

...return to school?

It's always been a slight thought of mine, admittedly in the back of my mind, that eventually I would go back to school (while working, so I wouldn't have to pay for tuition) and get my masters degree. Something something further accomplishments. Just seemed the natural progression.

My original life plan was exactly that: finish undergraduate with a degree (or degrees, as it turned out to be) that would allow me to enter the job market immediately and get a good job, work for several years and gain experience, and by then have enough focus and knowledge to know what I wanted to study further.

Well, seems I'm at that point now. And as it turns out, despite all the cuts and other things my company has been going through for the past several years, they've still had enough foresight to not cut our educational funding. They still aid people who want to go back to school and further their education.

Well, hot damn.

So it looks like I might be getting into that sometime soon. Something something testing and getting into grad school. Let's hope I can get my stuff together enough to actually get that going. I think I have it in me. And I've understood that one of the universities here in London is actually quite good for design and design philosophy. We've just hired several interns from their masters program (including the intern I'm supervising now).

But enough about that. Last night I decided to attend a lecture my company had free tickets to at the V&A (Victoria and Albert) Museum. It was about Design in Recessions and what happens as such. What do designers do? What happens in design trends? Sounded interesting enough.

Hilariously me and some recent friendly colleagues (who are fantastically my age) got confused and went on the wrong tube line, arriving there half an hour late. Yes, we were those embarrassing people entering the lecture hall as quietly as possible, trying not to make a scene as the panel discussion was going on. Oye. I hate making those impressions.

Turns out missing the first half an hour wasn't so bad, the panel was a bit...stiff. The moderator wasn't doing a good job of having the panelists actually talk amongst themselves and talk about their opinions with each other, so it ended up being people making statements, and then stopping.

Didn't help that the audience (mostly students and colleagues of the panelists, or so it seemed) also didn't really seem to have real questions, mostly opinions and statements themselves. But I'll leave it at that.

Anyway, after about an hour and a half of this I started to wonder to myself if university in London would be like this, especially knowing that the British are fond conversationalists. Would my higher education be this dry? God, I need to do research.

The colleagues (who I'll name Specs and Sweets) and I went to dinner afterwards to discuss what had happened. Specs was in a rant (as he normally is, after most things, hilariously enough) about the outrageousness of the entire event. He said this pushed him away from going back to school, which he had also been considering himself (he's a year younger than me and basically in the same boat, though he's a typical British guy). Sweets and I had a more neutral view on the entire thing, but it was interesting to hear different points of view nonetheless. The most hilarious comment of the night was when Sweets said, "I think your opinion on the event, [Specs], was basically negated when you said the way the man in the polo shirt was talking was annoying...I think you just didn't like anything about this event." So it's possible Specs was just biased all the way. Hilarious either way.

Anyway, food for thought, and much research to be done in the near future.

tSH goes to British grad school?

Well that would be something. :)

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  1. I just signed up for a Novel writing course at UC Berkeley extension and it took me a lot of effort to convince myself I had the energy to do that and it's my DREAM to write novels. So I applaud you for having the wherewithal to think about committing to grad school and not just a single class. ;)