Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cribs: London edition

Finally my apartment is completely set up, and minus some furniture that is still trying to be sold/gotten rid of, and the ewaste that is still in the closet that needs to be disposed of, things are pretty much done! My parents did a wonderful job of helping me get things up and running in record time and I couldn't have done it without them. I will never be able to thank them enough and though sometimes tensions rose high, I will be forever grateful for their love and support. :)

So, without further ado, the virtual house tour:

Entry hallway, complete with Laurent (the rug, if that hasn't caught on yet) and hilarious brass harem lampshade. It took awhile to get these lampshades because the original ones I picked from Ikea didn't work. O_O Whoops, my bad.

My glorious (and rather untidy still) bedroom. I've decided to leave all of the paintings and artwork unhung as I'd need to reseal all of the walls after so I've taken a new form of art presentation: on the floor. It actually works surprisingly well and brings the eye to a whole new place in the apartment. I'm going to pretend this was intentional all along and I was really, that exceptional artist with my living arrangements and decor.

The bathroom, now complete with my mustache soup dispenser (a lovely farewell gift from German K) and my hilarious snake basket (if you're curious it just holds my toothbrush and toothpaste...nothing exciting in there).

New dining room set to replace my backless bar table set. Now I'll be able to work an entire day from home without feeling like I need a walker afterwards. This table also expands to be an oval with an insertable leaf. Pretty smart design. I'm pleased.

Redesigned living room with mood lighting (though of course right now it's the day, so you can't see it). Notice the lovely paintings on the ground again? I actually really enjoy the look and feel of this room and hope that my guests do as well - since this is where they'll be sleeping. But at least there are doors separating all the rooms now, so, privacy abound!

Lovely Expedit shelving with all of my doodads and things. One thing particularly noted: I need to stop buying books. I have far too many. This will take me about 2 years to read through.

And of course last but not least, the kitchen, complete with ridiculous magnets shipped from home.

And that ends my virtual house tour. My apartment is now guest-ready! So if you're interested in staying over, shoot me an email/FB message, etc and see if I'm around. The traveling schedule is getting pretty booked again, so make sure I'll actually be available the time you want to come. :)

Looking forward to seeing your smiling faces - already going to see two guests this weekend!

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