Friday, May 10, 2013

Bullshit spring weather

So it seems this global climate change thing has really started to bite me in the ass. I always knew it would, because let's face it, it's global climate change, but I had no idea that it would be so..unpleasant on a constant and in-your-face basis.

Examples: I thought Finland's weather was bullshit. That's plain and simple. I attributed this to it being Finland though, and way up in the north. It makes sense that it's cold up there most of the year - it's supposed to be's near the Arctic has snow for about 6 months of the year. It gets to ridiculous temperatures like -25C. Cold. Yeah, that makes sense.

But London as well? No, that doesn't make sense. It's way further south. It should have at least decent weather. I'm not talking San Diego weather or anything, since it's not that far south, but it is MORE south, so there should be a noticeable difference, right?

Apparently not.

In fact sometimes, contrary to popular understanding and belief and even reason...'s worse.

I blame this on the increased humidity levels, making it more apparent when it's cold (something something you can feel the cold more acutely therefore making it seem colder than it really is and allowing it to penetrate your clothes, despite your best intentions...though people seem to give up warmth for fashion a lot more here). But the other side of it, is just pure bullshit on the side of global climate change.

It's been spring for several weeks now. It is popular understanding that springtime is a time for sunshine, flowers and budding greenery, the dispelling of winter and snow.

Instead we have been getting sub-freezing temperatures, more snow, and the reversal of all spring-like weather.

Here in London. I 'm not talking about Helsinki anymore. Helsinki has been getting sunshine. Admittedly it still has its snow...but at least it's been getting its sunshine. We've been getting more snow. Though it may not settle, this is unacceptable.

I call completely bullshit on this springtime weather.

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