Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A day of shopping at Westfield

So what did we do Sunday? Major shopping, actually.

London is a great place to shop, and especially when you've been shopping in Helsinki for the past year (minus the few times you've been able to sneak to the States and do major damage there, or perhaps a trip to Sweden and do extreme damage there), you definitely feel the desire to get out there and see things sometimes. Well, this was one of those times for me, especially after having sold close to 22 kilos worth of clothes a few weeks ago and then realizing the rather large holes I had in my wardrobe thereafter.

Weird situations were now coming up when doing my outfit planning - things like, "I would wear a cardigan with this outfit so I could be less cold at work, but I don't have any cardigans anymore that match with any of these clothes..."

It's a rather horrible problem to have, considering how much clothing I used to have. But it's also a good problem, because many of those clothes really should have been gotten rid of. And now they have been. To a better place.

Anyway, what this means was that I had to fill those holes so I wasn't freezing at work anymore or pulling weird outfits that didn't really work (especially in a place that's even more pretentious about dress than Helsinki) and now I had the closet space to do it. So, to the mall we go.

We actually had a decent debate about where to go shopping, since there are two main places we could have gone - Bond Street/Oxford Street (which is the main outdoor shopping street) or the indoor Westfield mall, located in Shepherd's Bush.

We ended up deciding to go with the mall because it was comfortable, nearby, on the way to somewhere else we were going to later (which I'll talk about in a bit), and well...more suited to our purpose (which was to actually buy clothes and things, not just loaf around and browse). So, there we went.

To start our day off? High protein lunch: sushi.

Surprisingly cheap, fresh, and good for mall sushi. I think this is going to become a trend. And according to this restaurant, called YouMeSushi, and their advertising, apparently you can order online and have them deliver to your doorstep. That's kind of ridiculous. And way too lazy for my taste. Would I ever do it? Doubtful. But it is kind of amazing knowing that it's there. Kind of amazing.

Anyway after that it was a straight four hour session of shopping. And I got my shopping goals done. Less holes in the closet, less embarrassment for all. Job well done.

It was after this that Hong Kong P and I were to meet up with Turkish C for a great Sunday feast at a mutual friend's house: Chef.

Chef is a childhood friend of Turkish C from back in the day, and someone who I had met last time Turkish C was in town. He's a lovely guy and a wonderful cook and he, sweetly, had offered to make us Sunday dinner.

Well well.

Hong Kong P and I picked up dessert on our way over, and then met the happy crowd (just five of us) at Chef's house, conveniently located two stops over in Notting Hill.

What did Chef make us for that Sunday dinner? Three roast chickens and roast veggies. Nommers.

It was incredible. He definitely lives up to his nickname, despite being brutally humble and saying his brother is the better cook. I can only imagine what his cooking must be like. O_O

Savory, succulent, juicy, and not at all dry. The birds were stuffed with lemons and dressed with thyme, cracked pepper, and butter. Simple, elegant, and fantastic.

The roasted veggies were sweet potatoes, parsnips, and onions. All soaked in the juices of the birds and roasted to soft perfection. This is something I could definitely get behind.

We decimated two out of the three birds, with five of us there. That's an impressive amount of food. Despite being completely full of meat we still had the stomach room to finish off the 6 slices of dessert that Hong Kong P and I had brought - 2 slices of chocolate mint gateau, 2 slices of raspberry cheesecake, and 2 slices of carrot cake. Boy what fatasses we were. And it was glorious.

To get our mind off of food for awhile we took a stroll down to the neighborhood pub and played Bullshit for awhile. Before we all knew it, it was time to walk back and pile into a taxi to go back to my apartment. Turkish C was also spending the night at my place, so, full house.

Wonderful way to finish up the weekend - good friends, good food, good times.

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