Friday, April 5, 2013

We was robbed!

Well, not we, but my parents were.

Typical Thursday night, or so I thought. I left work after having a pretty normal day - got some work done on the project I'm shuffling through, had some good chats with far away friends, looking forward to my time at the gym. I work out at the gym (get in some running and stretching, take an extra long hot shower instead of heading to the sauna), and then walk the mile home.

I get to the temporary apartment and my parents ask me if I've read my email. Mmm no, come to think of it, I haven't - why, has something happened?

Here my parents were, having a nice touristy day in the city. They had checked out Chinatown and a few other places before deciding they would have their dinner in a pub my uncle had recommended from his time in London since they knew I would be home late from the gym.

They were sitting down to have a tasty meal and a pint when my dad put his man satchel down on the back of the chair. He put his jacket down over it and forgot about it. Apparently they never got up from their chairs and my mom was facing him the entire time but in that time someone (a man) slipped my dad's bag off his chair (without moving his jacket) and took his bag.

They lost an iPad mini, his hat, some maps, and my dinner (a Chinese sausage bun and a panfried sweet cake).

Luckily my dad had his wallet on him and they weren't carrying anything else important inside his bag. My mom had her own purse on her and the other groceries they had bought in another bag.

As soon as they realized what happened they contacted the barman. They had CCTV cameras in the bar and could see the man who stole their stuff. But instead of filing a police report (which they felt would only be semi-helpful), they rushed home to change all of the passwords to the accounts that were linked on the iPad and disconnect anything that was synched. Smart choice.

I'm just happy there was no physical confrontation and they didn't lose anything official.

At the end of the day nothing big was lost - iPads are replaceable, new hats will be found, fresh maps will be obtained.

But damn Don, you're doing a hell of a job making an impression. Useless apartment agents and service workers (minus Dominic), rude drivers who don't follow the law, noise and pollution, general unpleasantry.

You're sure not selling yourself as a long-term partner. I'll still keep an open mind about you because you're supposed to be a glorious partner, once I get to know you, but there's only so much patience a girl can have before she'll throw up her arms and call you a liar. I did this with Vienna and I'll certainly do it with you.

I'm still waiting to see the good, Don.

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