Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The pub 'round the corner...

So while Saturday was spent slogging through the snow and getting everything to make my apartment complete and beautiful, Sunday was spent organizing everything that was left, researching what was needed to get rid of the things that were no longer wanted (i.e. selling off all of the clothes that would no longer fit into my limited closet space, finding out where ewaste could occur so I could get rid of unnecessary electronics and the like), and general "around the house"ness.

At the end of the day, however, we decided it was time to go out for awhile (now that it wasn't snowing anymore) and check out the pub 'round the corner. As it turns out, lucky me, there is a pub literally around the corner from my apartment. Less than a minute's walk, called the Drayton.

As it so happens it is also attached to a hotel, should any large number of guests decide to come visit me at once.

And this is what we found:

A delightful, just-as-you-would-want, stereotypical, neighborhood pub. Like really. They do exist, and they're just as wonderful as they should be and promise to be.

We're talking well lit, merry gentlemen laughing, pool-playing, beer-and-cider-drinking folk. There's even a pub quiz every Thursday. Unfortunately it's all about football and coronations, which I would be utterly useless at, but it's nice to know it exists should I feel down one Thursday night and want the jolly company atmosphere.

The barman was so nice to my parents that when they went up to order our drinks and food (which I'll get to in a second) he let them try four different types of cask and draft beers so they could choose the one they liked. I got to try two ciders that were on tap (one was Strongbow, which I've had many times before) and the other was a fresher more local cider that had no preservatives in it which was fantastic, and the one that I went with. After trying all four beers on offer my parents chose the one they liked and we ordered a pint of their beer and a pint of my fresh cider.

So for the food - the real reason we were there for the evening was because my mom was especially keen to try their Sunday roast. Apparently this is something that is known about and maybe the guidebook had mentioned before.

There were definitely roasts on the menu:

Hella roasts. Four roasts to be accurate. Pork belly, beef rump, roast chicken, and a lamb leg. All roasted for your gut-bursting delicious enjoyment.

We were going to go for the pork belly, beef rump, and lamb leg, but unfortunately the lamb had sold out before we got there, so we went with the chicken instead. Turns out this was an awesome idea.

Btw in case you were curious, they also have a normal menu which also looks completely fantastic:

Anyway, we grabbed our pints and headed back to the table. We were chatting happily when the roasts arrived, maybe 20 minutes later (surprisingly fast, but I guess the roasts had been cooking all day so it's not like there was much prep other than getting things assembled).

Boy were we in for a feast (for the eyes and the stomach). Jeebus those portion sizes...

This is what the beef rump looked like. That huge thing next to it? Yorkshire pudding - a bread thing made mostly from eggs (so it's chewy and delicious) that is baked in the fats/drippings from the meat. Fabulous.

All of the dishes came with the same sides - the Yorkshire pudding, whole crispy baked potatoes, buttered shredded cabbage, and the most awesome roasted regular and white carrots this world has ever tasted. I absolutely loved those veggies. So delicious. I could eat just those and be completely satisfied. And that's not even getting to the meats.

All of them were spectacular. The beef was juicy and bloody (just the way I like it), the pork belly was fatty and roasted, just as it should be, and surprisingly, the chicken was the best cooked. It was tender and soft, with the meat falling straight off the bone as soon as you touched it. Just thinking about it again makes my mouth water.

And all of us ate all of it. I left maybe a third of my pudding and a potato, but that was it. Everyone else cleaned their plates. We're small Asian people and these are large plates of food. It was impressive. Even our waitress was impressed.

Here are the additional pictures of our plates:

They did have a fairly decently impressive dessert menu, but after inhaling this amount of protein we were content to finish our drinks and waddle back home to watch Game of Thrones (my parents have yet to finish season 2 and season 3 is upon us).

Surprisingly even though it was a ton of food, I wasn't feeling especially full. I feel this is a detriment because I was feeling rather fat the next day. I have a horrid premonition that despite my best intentions, London might make me fat. I've been trying to eat fruit at work in an attempt to stave off hunger (which I've been feeling incessantly, despite it being warmer here and me getting decent sleep...I think it's the stress) and what's happened instead is that I eat 2-3 servings of whole fruit a day. I've already told my coworkers: if I end up becoming a diabetic because of all the fruit sugar I'm eating there's going to be hell to pay somewhere. Damn you Don and your cheap delicious food and your horrid weather that makes me hungry all the time!

Looks like I'll be hitting the fancy gym more often soon. :)

But in the meantime, it was wonderfully reassuring to know that should I want an amazingly comfortable bite to eat I just need to pop 'round the corner outside my apartment and boom, I was in an amazingly friendly pub with delicious food. Not too badly priced either (like 15pounds a plate).

So, friendly guests, know that if we ever get too lazy to go out to dinner, this is likely where I'll take you. ;)

You're still in for a treat.

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